Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Faster Than Broadband and FREE!

GBP27 = RM180++

Upgrade your existing slow ADSL/Broadband connection or if you still have snail speed dial-up and would like 2MB ADSL/Broadband without costs or monthly charges and retain your existing email address and join the revolutionary service.

  • No more Internet bills or call charges, ever again.
  • 4 times quicker than your existing broadband.
  • 40 times faster than dial-up.
  • Totally FREE.
  • Available via any telephone line worldwide.
  • 1 minute to install and is very easy to use.
  • Will SAVE you money and SPEED up your connection.
  • And BETTER Still......
When YOU upgrade, your existing ISP will stop billing you.

YOU can now get FASTER than broadband for FREE with this revolutionary service...... 

If you have dial-up.......

You can get FASTER than broadband speeds for FREE without changing your ISP or email address and not having to pay call charges ever again.

If you have broadband or ADSL......

Service compatible with any PC or Mac with 9,600kbps modem upwards

Revolutionary unique technology. Easy to install and simple to use

Works with any internet connection and modem in any country

No cabling, engineers and no need to alter you PC

No contract or fees ever...... Guaranteed!

It's FASTER than broadband and it'll SAVE YOU time and money. It takes less than 1 minute to join and connect.

This service is brand new and taking the world's Internet by storm and will change it forever. If you have Internet now and you think it is good just wait until you try this, it'll blow your mind.

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