Wednesday, 29 September 2004


I hate this when my web browser crashes again! It has been few times and all I have to is to download a new browser (again) and install it. Damn! Bikin marah butul! Now, I'm currently downloading Maxthon 1.1.035. Fuh! Nasib baik the connection speed is fast, even though it's a dial-up. 

By the way, I have my web with new layout and some minor changes. Not much... Just *a pinch of salt* Cewah! The theme ahh? Black lor! LOL... The banner up there dibikin by me using Photoshop. The girl up there is me... 

How to make a dotted/dashed table? Here's the code for you to get a dotted/dashed table...  Just put this code style="border-style:dashed" bordercolor="white" into your desired table HTML. You can change the dashed into dotted, etc. as long as the code can be recognized by the system lah.

<td width="179" height="12" align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#333333" style="border-style:dashed" bordercolor="white">
:: I've made one! ::

I've got to end now, my new browser is ready to be installed by me! Ta Ta! Meet me in Sumandak.Com then!