Monday, 15 November 2004

Feng Shui For Square Faced Person

The Square Face belongs to the element of Earth or the planet Mars. Now this face can speak of various levels of temperaments from aggressive to assertive but people of this facial formation are always filled with passionate energy. Their birthdate and refinement of other features will tell you in which category they fall into - either violent and aggressive or dynamic and assertive.

These people cannot take life sitting down - Action is their middle name. You can depend on a person with an Earth or Mars face. He or she will have compassion and are protective of the ones he or she loves. But watch out those who crosses his path! He can be stubborn and defiant in his anger. He territory is very important but he is able to follow the leader he respects and admires. A square face with an unruly shock if hair is someone to fear and not aggravate. His or her temper is volatile and violent. Never argue with such a person as you will never win because he will never back down even if he is wrong.  

Sumandak: Really? Since I do have square face (but sometimes people said I have rectangular or roundish face) so I post this feng shui for square faced person. You can get the other articles at