Monday, 8 November 2004

Here and There

I was surfing the net to find some examples for t-shirt design - I'm planning to make one pair of t-shirt for testing only. So, this website attract me - Then, I went to - mostly vectored graphic printed on t-shirts. I haven't made up my mind, though. I'm planning to design one soon and print it when I'm in Samarahan, Sarawak. Wakakakakaka! Trying to *seduce* some people there with the *sumandak* (devious grin). After a few minutes, I stumbled into this website ( They have 2 kinds of t-shirt; for boys & girls. Frankly, the design is quite simple but attractive.

I stopped looking for t-shirt design, but I continued looking for Photoshop brushes - has them all but some of them weren't functioning! Anyway, I love vector graphics made by Rames Studio (, they are totally awesome! I wonder how did he made all of those vectors! I've tried making few vectors before but they really look awful! 2 thumbs down for me! T_T

I think that's all until now. I need to go bed now. Hino Kono!

p/s: I hate that Omarosa (The Apprentice), complaints: lots, helping: zero! Arrogant: HIGH... Gosh! When is she going to change?