Thursday, 5 August 2004

Thanks, Mellsilver!

I've found out there's something wrong with my previous journal. Thanks to Mell, who informed about the *bla-bla*. Mell, you've saved my world of rants and *agogo*!

And, I've just set up some news on Sumandak.Com with about 10 more articles. So, I think I won't be ONLINE for days. Don't worry, I'll check up all the emails, anway.

Just now, I was chatting with mrbadak and smd. Yeah, looks like someone by the name "Anak Jati Sabah" wants Sabah Rhinos to be changed into Sabah Horses. Sounds awful to me. Even though the name has been changed, kalau kalah, sama juga. Remains unchanged! Ahaks... The funniest thing is, "when mrbadak has to change his name into mrkuda.." Yuck! It's aweful! Disasterrific!

Sumandak: Umm... Guys. I've just found out that I haven't eat for the whole day. I'm going to find some food in the icebox... See ya!

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: BoA - Jewel Song