Monday, 15 January 2007

Is love alone enough in a relationship?

Is love alone enough in a relationship? (The original question)
I’d personally say that love alone is NOT enought in a relationship. WHY? The reason is love requires SUPPORT e.g. commitment, trust, respect, understanding, thoughtfulness, and of course the things that support us to live – MONEY. I don’t mean that love is a lust of money (get a rich person to love). As long as we have money to support our basic needs e.g. food, clothes, etc. I guess it’s more than enough. Love is not a mere feeling because I believe that love is a feeling that can vanish anytime if we have no commitment of keeping it burning. It is akin to a person who is clever but has no commitment of going to school. If I want LOVE, I’ll ensure it will keep on burning all the time… Enough to lit up the life – Yang penting tidak padam. Besides, RESPECT plays an important role between 2 parties – How can a LOVE lasts if there’s no respect? Paling-paling hatred saja tu nanti. TRUST – Trust the one that you LOVE. Tapi, susah juga mo cakap kan? Sebab kadang-kala kita TRUST tapi turus kena betray. Some people bilang follow your INSTINCT, believe it kunun. Frankly speaking, sometimes I do follow my instinct and found out that sometimes itu instinct sia inda ngam. Mo kena tiun tiun… Hahhahaha~ I guess itu saja sia bulih cakap sebab itu saja yang sia rasa… Yang penting LOVE ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH IN A RELATIONSHIP!