Sunday, 26 August 2007

A Morning Shut Down

Macam my scandalicious cuzzie cabreney bilang I’m using a jam London. Ya, if you’re sibuk mencari berus gigi… Sia pula sibuk mencari blanket. I’ve not gotten any sleep since 4pm yesterday… In other words, sia inda ada dapat tidur satu malam. I’ve tried to sleep tapi lepas tu ended with pigi ruang tamu and watch some boring movies yet couldn’t sleep. My blood pressure still under control… Normal… Tapi yang bikin takut ini mata inda pandai tutup… Urang tengah bangun pasang radio Kadazan or Dusun, sia pula sibuk mau cari tilam.

Maybe I should ask some of my friends yang pernah kena situasi begini… I know there are 2 of my friends yang mimang need medication untuk sleep. I hate staying up sampai pagi sebab tiada urang yang sia bulih chat kalau sudah limpas tengah malam… BORING! TV pun boring!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

I'm an Insomniac

What is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a 2002 American remake of a 1997 Norwegian film about a police officer investigating a murder above the Arctic Circle and suffering insomnia due to the midnight sun and his guilt over past and present misdeeds. The film was directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank. 
-Source: Wikipedia 

Insomnia is a novel written by Stephen King and first published in 1994. Like It and Dreamcatcher, its setting is the fictional town of Derry, Maine. 
-Source: Wikipedia

Insomniac is the fourth studio album from the punk rock band Green Day. It was released in 1995 on the Reprise Records label. Though it reached #2 in the U.S. and went 2x Platinum, Insomniac did not have the sales endurance of its predecessor, Dookie, largely due to its slightly darker lyrical tone and more abrasive sound. Though many consider Insomniac to be more consistent than Dookie, it did not feature a well-known hit single akin to “Longview” or “Basket Case” from Dookie or “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” from Nimrod. Before the name ‘Insomniac’, the band considered the naming the album ‘Tight Wad Hill’ (after the thirteenth track of the album). After visiting collage artist Winston Smith for the album cover, Billie Joe Armstrong asked him how he managed to make such intricate pieces in such short times. Smith answered, “It’s easy for me. I am an insomniac.” Insomniac has sold 2 million units in the United States as of August 2006. It is Green Day’s third biggest selling album after Dookie and American Idiot. 
-Source: Wikipedia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by an inability to sleep and/or inability to remain asleep for a reasonable period. Insomniacs typically complain of being unable to close their eyes or “rest their mind” for more than a few minutes at a time. Both organic and nonorganic insomnia constitute a sleep disorder. It can be caused by fear, stress, anxiety, medications, herbs, caffeine, depression, bipolar disorder, emotional or mental tension, work problems, financial stress, unsatisfactory sex life and sometimes occurs for no apparent reason. An overactive mind or physical pain may also be causes. Finding the underlying cause of insomnia is usually necessary to cure it. Insomnia can be common after the loss of a loved one, even months or a year after the death, if they are not grieving correctly (pretending they are over it when they are not). It very often occurs when the person has a lack of food or not enough variety of foods (such as eating one food over and over again). It is common for insomniacs to sleep walk and/ or have very vivid & intense dreams. 
-Source: Wikipedia

Friday, 24 August 2007

Kisah 2 Hantu

Tersebutlah kisah dua orang hantu. Mereka ni baru bertemu lalu mereka pun berborakla untuk mengisi masa lapang kehidupan mereka sebagai hantu. Sepanjang perbualan mereka, Hantu B ni tak habis-habis menggigil. 

Lalu, Hantu A yang kehairanan ni pun bertanya, “Apsal kau ni asyik menggigil je?”

“Oh..cara aku mati dulu teruk..aku mati dalam peti ais…sejuk!!” Jawab Hantu B sambil menggigil lagi.