Tuesday, 15 July 2008

There’s A Reason Behind This Smile

Last night… 
*Ting Tong! You’ve got SMS!* (my message alert tone)
Hafiz: Gary cakap exam result keluar besok. Jan lupa check.
Me: Hah?! TQ. Habislah ni kali… (sleepy mode)

This Morning…
DausBui, kuar dah result! Aku di PLUMS ni.
MeBui, tulung check result… Bulihkah?
DausBui, ok bah kalau ko. Bagi ID korang.
MeBui, aku bagi ID aku, Len & Noemi... 85xx, 86xx, 86xx. (Cannot reveal the IDlor)
DausOk… Aku check sekarang ni, bui.

10 minutes later…
*Ting Tong! You’ve got SMS!* (my message alert tone)
DausBui, ni results kamurang. Slip ada tempat aku.
Me: TQ! Aku kasitau sama diorang Len & Noemi ni result diorang. (Smiling)

30 seconds later… (Eh?)
**Tell dad & bro (they have been asking about it since last month – too curious)**
**Busy fwd SMS to Len & Noemi.**
**YM with my Uncle in California (the one who inspired me to get my Master)**
**SMS with Abang Juri & a cousin (the people that I currently love to share with, and without hesitation)**

My result? Pass with frying pan, eh, flying colours bah… Kekekekkeke~ I’m done with my blabbering… Now all I need is to tell mum about my exam result. Just to delight her. I guess she’s currently having a seminar in Bangkok, Thailand right now. They even went for shopping around Bangkok yesterday. Geez, how I wish I am in Thailand right now… Shopping till I drop… Padahal I already went there December last year. Anyway, I’m looking forward for Perth and California! Yeah!

At 12:25PM – Done with my blogging… Just don’t ask me for the CGPA… I won’t reveal it unless you are my coursemate. (^_^) At least I do have something to whistle while washing the clothes and cleaning up the house. Yeah~