Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Transferring Myself

Never Look Back
You might be wondering why I’ve been lonely since the past few days. I’ve been busy with some ‘real life’ thingy and won’t be updating my blog as frequent as I did for the past few years. I need to get my ass from sticking on the chair 24/7 and start to make anew. I’m trying to quit myself from being an Internet addict (I’ve been wiring with the Internet for exactly 10 years now) and now it’s time for me to ‘retire’… Hahahahaha~ There’s a lot of serious things which I need to accomplish as I’m adding another ’1′ into my blissful age. Ahaks!

Anyway, I’ll be updating this new blog soon as I’m currently busy tidying up my room… Hehehehehe~ Don’t worry… I’m still going to rant about this life… Hehehehehe~ As long as I have my Internet connection…

p.s. please update my link to Thanx! (^_^)