Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Alasan Saya Tidak Datang

I’m doomed! I have less than a month to do all the revision… Frankly, I haven’t started my revision just yet and I don’t have any idea what does Organizational Behavior and Management all about (yah, if I get myself an ‘A’ this time around, mimang ada wayar putus sudah). I wish I won’t answer questions begini lah… Theorem Pythagoras… The answer mestilah bah x=5! Hahahaha~
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Or… Buat cerita yang butul-butul inda masuk akal… for example, Marketing!!! Hahahahah~
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And… I ‘m hoping that I won’t spread bihis during exam…
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Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t attend KaDus Entertainment (KE) Star Studded Night last Saturday… Heheheh~ Nama sudah tulis tapi batang hidung inda ada juga. Frankly speaking, my friend wasn’t able to attend sebab dia tiba-tiba ada masalah. Some of you might say that I could ask someone else to accompany sia bah kan? Most of my friends are not interested with such event and some of them are busy preparing for our exam. How about cousins and family members? Well… The problem kan… My family was invited to attend a birthday party di sana Putrajaya, Telipok… and then most of my cousins are UNDERAGE – Below 18… Aku inda mo dihantam so bagus diam-diam jak. I can drive myself tapi cannot drive saturang… Hahahahahah~ Sudah limpas punya cerita, so I better diam-diam sajalah… Heheheheh~
Now… I’m getting burnout sudah… I still have lots of assignments to be done before end of this WEEK!
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In other words…
HIATUS!!!! Won’t be updating this blog until I’ve successfully answered all those exam papers! Will be back on 21st November 2008! Just leave your message di shoutbox… I will reply juga tu… But won’t be updating this blog… Heheheheheh~