Thursday, 30 October 2008

I’m Getting Engaged To Mr Nokin

I’m currently thinking of getting myself another DSLR (apart from my current Mr Nonac 400D). Yeap! I’m considering myself (and calculating my budget) now. Going to grab either Nikon D300 or D3. Just can’t refrain myself from ‘lusting’ with Nikon anymore – after all, beginilah jadinya bila sudah kena influenced by Uncle Jenus’ polaroid when I was just a lil’ kid apart from kawan-kawan di sekeliling always slag my Canon (bila jumpa sia with my Canon) sampai suruh jump pigi Nikon. Anyway, I won’t throw away my Canon 400D since ‘he’ is my first love at first sight… Infatuated love bah tu. This time around kalau ada camping or any outing lagi, I’ll make sure those guys won’t slag me lagi. Hikhikhik! Tinggal I need to familiarize myself holding this *sure-to-be-really-heavy* thingy as I’ve already tested this gadget a few weeks ago… Matai eh! Heavier than my Canon! (an expression from a sakai and sampalau punya urang).

p.s. Actually, I’m going to give my Canon to my bro sebab he insists mau try Canon. Dia bilang jan jual tu barang… Hahahahahah~