Friday, 10 October 2008

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes!

Today… 10th October… Is my birthday… I’m a year older now and I’m really grateful to be able to reach at this age… And, of course… I’m so glad (yet thankful) to receive all those birthday wishes from all of you… I really appreciate them all especially when you remember my exact birthday… Hehehehe~ Anyway, I won’t be having any birthday party this year as I have tons of assignments piling up. Apa boleh buat lah as long as sia inda kena during my birthday saja pun cukuplah. Hehehehehe~

p.s. Thanks for those yang bagi SMS as early as 12.00AM ahh… Including juga those who wished me (in advance) as early as 4 days…

With lots of Loves,
Davelynne @ Sumandak