Friday, 21 November 2008

Big Smile Girl from Joe Primus Kayau

What a wonderful sight to see you smile,
Your smile means, a thousand words!
I would go, a thousand miles, just to see your smile again.
Big Smile Girl,
Show me that smile,
Just a simple move, of your lips,
Makes me feel, that i will be just fine.
Don’t ever lose that smile,
You lift people up with that smile!
A lucky man, thats who i am,
To have seen, that wondrous smile.
-Joe Primus Kayau-
p.s. my dear online FB friend, thanks for this nice poem… kalau ko buat lagu, make sure you taruh tu catchy sikit tu melody dia (entah kanapa lah bah sia ni suka butul lagu yang rentak catchy ni). Kuang kuang kuang.. jiwang tu mimang ada lah… Hahahahahaha~ tapi, I’d view this as a friendly poem… at least, I won’t have to lose my smile even if there’s a huge and gigantic problem ahead of me. Thank, Joe!