Thursday, 26 February 2009

Gee Baby

SNSD has their new song out now! Pardon me for my enthusiasm in Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese music. I didn’t mean to disparage my own country’s or my own culture’s music. The thing is other countries know how to promote their PEOPLE. I mean PRETTY PEOPLE WITH BODY SHAPE even though they may look like SKINNY or in a more ‘dispraising’ term – RUDAI… Sorrylah if I’m getting more two-fisted these days… Pek! I don’t want to be deracinated from my hometown ah… I still love my hometown but sometimes I do agree that our own people have lots to improve… Macam tu Dr. Syed Wafa bilang, “The problem with our people is they always ask their friends to accompany them to the toilet.” I do agree with his statement, anyway. Heheheheh~ Blame him lah if you feel like going deranged. Kikikikikikiki~