Friday, 13 March 2009

Photo of The Day: Blue Teddy Bear


This time around… I’m featuring my Blue Teddy Bear… The most recherch√© teddy bear I ever had in my life. Actually, mum bought this for me. Cute kan? She knows that I’m into offbeat things. Wacko? You can call me that… Huahuahua! FYI, took this pic just a few hours ago. Ubat untuk my heebie-jebbies adalah hanging out with my ND300. Love, baby… Love… Muahahaha! Anyway, for those who are going to have a ball during Valentine’s Day… Well… My advice is – Jangan bagi bunga (itu maksudnya your love will falter very soon), bagilah Blue Teddy Bear or something yang can last forever… Eish! Mengajar sudah sia ni ajaran sasat. Just don’t follow my halfwittedness or you might end up in a ‘cataclysm’. Check out for more of these photos here. If you’re lazy enough, click on my flickr on the right side… Tuuuuu nah tu… Kikikiki!