Thursday, 30 April 2009

Between Me & My Compadres…

I was flipping over my Facebook photos and I do feel like there’s a need to say thanks to these fellow friends of mine. There’s a slight chance to get yourself snapped when you’re taking photos of others. We call it ‘Timbak Guna Sinapang’… Hahaha! Anyway, I love all the pics taken biarpun I do look like a clown, sometimes… Thanks for the friendship and of course, the photos. Nice knowing you, guys! Just don’t ask me to strike for some poses… I’m suck at doing it thing! OK… That’s one of my limitations… I’m looking forward to make more new friends and exchange some ideas. Do add me in your Facebook. Anyway, do spend some times to have a peek on my photos here. Have a nice day!

SUMANDAK BILANG: It’s piano time! Yeeeeha! Oh, if you’re thinking of adding me into your list, don’t leave you primary pics blank kio… I mean, do upload your primary pics because I’m might block you IF YOU’RE ANNOYING… Punyalah jahat… XD

Credits: Japrin Thomas@Pirut, Benedict Rudy James, Lorand@Sinundu, Mark Mojitoh@Kadus, Mailson Mahap@Mahapson, George Duat@gogds, Arieon, Christine@Olumis, Alvin Dusity, Ramesh@Dirty Paw.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement (or copyright violation) is the unauthorized use of material that is covered by copyright law, in a manner that violates one of the copyright owner’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works. (source: Wikipedia)

Younha – Luv U, Luv U, Luv U

Lady Gaga – Just Dance
Got similarity kah especially the early part? Hahahaha~ It may sound like sikit-sikit lah macam Lady Gaga’s but I don’t think it’s a copyright infringement… Heheheheh~ Younha’s company claims that bar 1, 2 & 3 do not copy bulat-bulat from Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. What do you think?

Monday, 20 April 2009

My Version of Comptine D’un Autre été Midi (Amelie OST)

Wondering sia main piano atau inda? Or cakap sia ni kuat tambirang? Well… I accept that as a challenge… I’m not as good as the others but at least I know apa itu music and know how to read the notes…. Cewah! Sot punya ayat… Anyway, for those who are keen at dingar lagu-lagu buruk yang sia bulih main, you can always access it here (tuuu nah di bawah sikit). Don’t ask me why sia kasi pindah itu lagu-lagu pigi blogspot. I figure out yang ini wordpress tidak dapat support scripts yang diorang inda recognize… Hahahahah!
This is a piece by Yann Tiersen which took me about 3 weeks to get myself familiarized with the song as my jari-jermari sudah karas and or course pasal injured last time dan tidak berapa bulih dipakai kalau main piano. I know there’s a lot lagi mo improve… Recorded using my SE W910i… Running my fingers on my mini grand piano at home… Ahahhahah! Oppps! Sorry for the picah-picah punya bunyi… Wahahahaha! Using hp bah ni… Last minute preparation sebab my *darling* suruh sia main satu lagu untuk dia… Darling? Sepakah itu? Relaxlah bah… I can always panggil ‘Darling’ to my kawan perempuan juga, butul atau tidak? Don’t complain for the galap-galap… Mimang kasi galap sebab tidak mau urang tinguk… Wahahahah! Korang tinguk sajalah itu bookshelf! Hahahahaha~ Don’t make request kio sebab nanti sigu piano sia marah nanti… *Sigu Piano*?????? XD Testing 1, 2, 3 bah ni… Hahahhah~

2 Weeks… No Rest…

KENTE sudah habis… Ya… I thought I can relax lah kunun… Tau-tau I still have some assignments to be done plus some *tasks* which I need to get them into my OUT box before end of this month. I will be sitting for my final exam on early May. Frankly speaking, I haven’t study any of the chapters yet… Ummm… Since early this semester. I allow you to say that I’m out of my mind, insane, etc. Wahahahaha! Anyway, yang penting dan important is to get all these things done! No last minutes punya because I hate it… Kerja rumah jan last minutes tapi kalau balajar bulih last minute de… Hahahaha! WARNING: Please don’t do this at home… Cewah!

Inda lama lagi bulan lima! Yeah yeah! I wonder what this year punya bulan 5 have for me… Hiking? Chicks? Chucking my life all in? I don’t know… It really hard to predict…

SUMANDAK BILANG: For those who have been very generous and nice with their MU… I’m still with my LIVERPOOL! Paduli korang punya MU… I don’t care… YNWA! YNWA!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

KENTE’s Photo Updates…

Photo Blog updated! I’ve also uploaded all the pics in my FacebookFlickr, andPicasa. Hahahaahah~ Congratulations to all the winners – Carrey, Feraddy & Alfred! Semua mimang hebat-hebat and I even rambang mata turus di mana mau focus sebab terlampau ternganga tinguk all the performances. Sia and Pirut siap pandai gatal tangan makan kuih popiah lagi sebab terlalu lapar… Hahahhaha~ On behalf of KE and KENTE (si Kadus yang ajar dis), we (ngam kaini?) would like to express our utmost gratitude to all the sponsors who have been very generous and supportive as well as to the local artists. Not forgetting to all KE members, supporters, the public, contestants, musicians, …Umm… Every single of you who have been very supportive and supportive and supportive… Hehehhe~ Thank you and thank you and thank you… Yang tidak berjaya tu, it doesn’t mean yang you all tidak berbakat… You all gave all out punya performance!! Me ternganga tinguk si Deffny menari sebab she was so daring and of course I like yang active di atas pentas sebab syok mo tinguk tu pergerakan. Heheheh~ Yang lain punya smart bah and masing-masing banyak kelebihan… Cuma, itu nasib tidak menyebelahi (ngam kaitu ayat sia?). Btw, JUMPA LAGI DI KENTE SEASON 2!
SUMANDAK BILANG: Dingar-dingar ada kelainan lagi wor… Jangan lupa beli New Sabah Times newspaper nanti… Heheheheh~

Friday, 17 April 2009

Car Brand Slogans To Be Used In Your Life

Mercedes-Benz car brand
Unlike any other
Mercedes-Benz. The Future of the Automobile
Engineered to move the human spirit
Honda Cars
The Power of Dreams
It must be love
Honda. First man, then machine
Technology you can enjoy
Acura cars (the Honda Motor’s brand)
The True Definition of Luxury. Yours.
Acura. Precision Crafted Performance
Driven by passion. FIAT.
Alfa Romeo car brand
Alfa Romeo. Beauty is not enough
Power for your control
Volvo Cars
Volvo. For life
Subaru Cars
Subaru. Think. Feel. Drive.
Driven By What’s Inside
When You Get It, You Get It
The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive
Ford Vehicles
Ford. Feel the difference.
Ford. Bold moves. (USA)
Built for life in Canada. (Canada)
Built for the road ahead.
Ford. Designed for living. Engineered to last.
Have you driven a Ford lately?
BMW automobiles
BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine.
BMW. Sheer Driving Pleasure.
The Ultimate Driving Experience.
Jaguar cars
Born to perform.
Unleash a Jaguar.
Don’t dream it. Drive it!
Jaguar. The art of performance.
Grace…. space… pace.
Audi automobiles
Keeping ahead through technology.
Everyone dreams of an Audi.
Volkswagen, the German car brand
Volkswagen. Drivers wanted. (US marketing campaign)
For the love of the car.
Relieves gas pains.
Surprisingly ordinary prices (UK campaign for VW Passat, Golf, Polo)
Peugeot, the French automobiles
Peugeot. Live the pleasure.
The drive of your life.
The lion goes from strength to strength.
Jeep cars
Jeep. There’s Only One.
Toyota car brand
Today Tomorrow Toyota. (Europe)
Toyota. Moving Forward.
The best built cars in the world.
Get the Feeling. Toyota.
Drive Your Dreams.
The car in front is a Toyota.
I love what you do for me – Toyota!
Your new experience of motoring.
Pontiac Vehicles
We are driving excitement.
Rover car brand
Rover. A Class Of Its Own.
Land Rover vehicles
Land Rover. Go beyond.
Chevrolet Cars
Chevrolet. An American Revolution
See the USA in your Chevrolet
The Heartbeat of America
The road isn’t built that can make it breathe hard!
Eye it – try it – buy it!
Hyundai Motor’s cars
Hyundai. Drive your way
Always There for You
Driving is believing
Prepare to want one
Nissan Motor’s cars
Shift expectations.
You can with a Nissan.
Just wait you drive it.
Chrysler car brand
Drive & Love
Chrysler. Drive = Love
Chrysler. Inspiration comes standard
Kia Motors brand
Kia. The Power to Surprise
Make every mile count (USA campaign)
The Car that Cares
Lexus cars (a Division of Toyota Motor)
The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection
The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection
Porsche automobiles
Porsche, There is No Substitute
Skoda Auto
Skoda. Simply Clever
It’s a Skoda. Honest.
Oldsmobile car brand
Start Something.
This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.
Cadillac brand
Cadillac. Break Through.
Creating a Higher Standard.
Standard of the World.
The Penalty of Leadership.
Dodge car brand
Dodge. Grab Life by the Horns.
Dodge. Different.
Buick car brand
Dream Up.
Buick. It’s All Good.
Isn’t it time for a real car?
Buick. The spirit of American style.
Mercury cars (Ford’s brand)
New Doors Opened.
Imagine Yourself in a Mercury now.
SAAB, Swedish car brand
Welcome to the State of Independence (USA campaign)
Saab. Move your mind (European campaign)
Find Your Own Road.
Smart car – a brand of DaimlerChrysler
Smart. Open your mind.
Lincoln car brand
Lincoln. Travel Well.
What a Luxury Car Should Be.
Hummer brand
Hummer. Like Nothing Else.
Holden cars, Australia
Holden go.
Seat, Spanish car brand
Seat. Auto emocion.
Saturn automobiles
Saturn. Like always. Like never before.
Citroen, french car brand
Just imagine what Citroen can do for you.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Red High Heels

NDC_1424 copy
Red High Heels – Kellie Pickler
Baby I’ve got plans tonight
You don’t know nothin’ about
I’ve been sitting around way too long
Trying to figure you out
But you say that you’ll call and you don’t
And I’m spinning my wheels
So I’m going out tonight
In my red high heels
I’m gonna call up that old boyfriend
Who says he has it bad for me
I’m gonna take him into town
Flaunt him around for everyone to see
Well you said so yourself
You know the deal
Nobody holds a candle to me
In my red high heels
But you can watch me walk if you want to, won’t to
I’ll bet you want me back now don’t you, don’t you
I’m about to show you just how missin’ me feels
In my red high heels
All those games you tried to play
Well they ain`t gonna work on me now
I put up a barbed wire fence
around my heart
Baby just to keep you out
Well you thought I’d wait around forever
But baby get real
I just kicked you to the curb
In my red high heels

Monday, 13 April 2009

Sampai Hari Ini Sia Indatau Nama Ko

Hinonggo – Infinatez

Lirik: Reuben Raymond a.k.a Fingerstylo
Pinirubaan di kumoinsan
Kakal poh pisorou-sorouku
Gisom baino au ku oilaan ngaran nu
Umbalanku daa do mogihum
Hinonggo ko nodi do baino
Langadon suang ginawo kumaa dika
Alansan oku daa korongou koti sindingku
Alansanku nogi kopiruba kito baino
Poingkuro noh maa
Mogihum dika
Turosnu nopo id nipiku
Koilo ko nangku
Langadku dika
Au nodi tumagak
Kakal id suang pomusarahanku
Ini sia yang translate guna bahasa sia sendiri… Bah, kada kotogod kio Fingerstylo… Muahahahah~
Di Mana – Infinatez
Lirik: Reuben Raymond a.k.a Fingerstylo
Pertemuan pertama
Masih lagi dalam ingatanku
Hingga kini aku masih tidak tahu namamu
Ku cuba untuk mencari
Di manakah kau kini
Dalam lubuk hati ini aku amat merinduimu
Ku berharap kau mendengar laguku ini
Ku ingin bertemu denganmu
Bagaimana harus aku
Mencari dirimu
Wajahmu *terbayang* dalam mimpiku
Tahukah kau
Rinduku padamu
Tidak dapat hilang
Sentiasa berada dalam ingatanku

p.s. Muahahahah~ Thanks for sending me this song! Love it… You know apa yang sia suka mo dingar… Muahahahah! Macam biasa, sia ni peluki and that’s why sia cari saja di youtube manatau ada kena taruh tu nyanyi A cappella saja… Muahahahah~ Anyway, thanks again, pal! Guys, dingar-dingar lah ini lagu di Sabah VFM… Syok gia… Hmmm… Ada sudah idea sia mo buat research sia next year… Muahahaha! Jangan korang marah sia translate tu lirik sebab sia sekarang inda ada kerja so buang masa dengan mentranslate… 5 minit saja bah tu… Hehehe… Padahal… Tu kerja assignments berlambak sudah beratur mo tunggu sia kasi siap… ararararararar~

Friday, 10 April 2009

Photoblog: Jo-Anna Sue Henley-Rampas

My Photoblog sudah kena update! Sorry for the late update… I’ve been busy for the past few weeks – Assignments, Graphics, Photos, Piano, etc… Hehehehehe~ Coupling with some of the works which need to be done before next KENTE’s meeting. Anyway, don’t forget to watch Jo-Anne’s performance as one of the Bintang RTM contestants di TV  jam 8:30 malam kali tu…  Janganlah tanya sia sebab sia mo 3 bulan sudah inda tinguk TV ni gara-gara assignment. Undio noh Jo-Anne or Anna (I wonder why they use Anna sebab dari dulu lagi kena panggil as Jo-Anne saja). Maybe it’s some kind of SMS code saja bah tu set by the committees of Bintang RTM. Taip saja BRTM ANNA and send to 32776. For more information, click here. Malas sia mo taip panjang-panjang sebab nanti gerenti macam sia taip assignment lagi… For those who have been messaging me selama ini mimang tau tu my style of writing… Macam taip assignment kunun… Aha! Itu ada satu kawan yang cakap gitu sama sia… Begini dia bilang, “Punyalah panjang berjela-jela ko taip… Macam buat assignment saja ooo… Lawak oh ko…” Aha… Yalah tu… So, sia inda mo taip panjang-panjang lagi di sini sebab nanti kena cop lagi as ‘macam buat assignment’… Hahahahah~ Enjoy the pics and please do not remove the watermark kio. Sia tau korang minat tu sumandak olundus di sini tapi janlah jadi macam tu satu website… Curi-curi saja hasil kerja urang then dia buka watermark and tampal watermark dia. Bikin malu wor~ So unprofessional! Dia ingat urang Sabah inda pandai hantam balik… We Sabahans bukan urang yang pea-brained arrrrhhhh… Hahahahahahaha~ Anyway, have a nice day! (^_^)V Relax lah… Jangan sirius tu muka… Kasi senyum siiiikit gia… Aha! Barulah lawa tu muka… Cewah!
SUMANDAK BILANG: Nah kan… Hampir-hampir jadi assignment sudah sia taip…

Friday, 3 April 2009

Cerita Si Manuk om Karabau

Moral of the story: Jangan makan talur ayam dan minum susu lembu (karabau kaitu)… Nanti ada yang mengomplen…

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tips April’s Fools

Ini adalah beberapa tips berguna untuk kasi main-main urang… Ya, untuk urang yang suka butul mo kasi kena urang time-time sekarang ni…
Pandai-pandailah modified… Hahahhhaa~ Tapi sia inda bertanggungjawab kalau kena 7cm x 3cm ahh…
SUMANDAK BILANG: Back to Basic bah… Heheheheh~