Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Officially Taken

Photo by Snap Me! Photobooth
Phewww... I finally got time to blog again. I had a very long and tiring weeks for the wedding reception which was held a few months after our very traditional wedding ceremony in May. We choose to have our wedding to be a more traditional one. Senang urus dan tiada perlu pening kepala pasal baju. I feel lucky to have my mom-in-law (MIL) who is a linangkit-maker. All those linangkits worn by us are made by her. She also made my (and my sisters-in-law) lilimbo.

We would love to thank those who attended our wedding reception last Saturday (26 July). We're so happy to have you at our reception. We would also wanted to apologize to our friends who were not on the list (sebab kuota untuk kami adalah amat terhad terutamanya kalau ada keluarga yang amat besar). Not forgetting to our families who helped us from day 1 until the end of that evening. We would also love to extend our gratitude and appreciation to God Almighty, Angela Jung, Felix T, staff of Novotel and 1Borneo Grand Ballroom, Pr. Rison Sodundu, Pr. Shuking Gadaun, Rey Kimara (SuriaFM), Dennis Wong (Snap Me Photobooth), Jimmy Tan (Lakut Production), Celistine Imbun (Celistine Photography), Danny F Malinggi, Georgia Joy Binisol, Ivye Alexandra, Khai Puma Jamal, Casey Jovial, Jr Balanjiu, Betcy Michael, Ronney Bikin Panas, Douglas (Pusakag Production), Chervy Oceanneyra, teachers and friends of MUAH Studio & Academy, our colleagues, friends and family members for being part of the evening. Siou nung au kena mention ngaran dikoyu di sini. We need to check the photos and video later untuk ingat balik semua. Last but not least, we're very happy to meet our uncles and aunties who have just returned from the States dan sempat juga attend the reception. We would like to thank our friends who have informed us that they couldn't attend to the reception, too. We appreciate all your good wishes, and prayers. 

We would love to thank those who have sent out their wishes via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. - Esther Applunius (Siou, darling. Belum sempat sia mo reply your private message.), Constantine Vitus, Petronella Suan Orow, Sharlene Dani, Sherwin Wingkut, Jeff Ignacio, Leon Dison Banting, Gilda Joeplik, Wanda Wemeylda, Jason Jack Bullah, Jerome Tan, Jasmine Andrew, Norman S John, Imeelda Joprine, Kimberly Richard @ KimButt, Febby V, Fanny Merlyn Sakandar, Daphne Laurel Fernandez, Casey Jovial, Tsaisuke Tsai, Aunt Candy Enochs Benggon, Sally Nyuk Oi Ling, Marlleynney Fane, Celine Low Kim Lan, Nicole Blanche, Acis Stonne, Jackson Jibit, Dennis Dean Patrick, Suzanne Tompok, Jessica Rampas @ Nur Ain Atiqah, Fiona Albert Sarama, Zodee Eden, Zoe Albertus, Erica Edwin Fernandez, Diannie Othoe Kayar, Doria Janiur, Tai Oi Yee, Rani Benggon-Charuruks, Flocy C, Grace Kabinchong, Devereny Disin, and Mark Mojitoh. Sia tau ada a few sia terlupa tulis. Siou.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

p.s. Makeup Artist? I am my own Makeup Artist. No kidding.