Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Learn Some Things From The Male Gender

Males and females evolved differently. Men mastered pure logical thinking while feeling become a more obvious characteristic of feminine psychology. Every woman follows her feelings as a guide throughout life. She blames herself for any failure while a man rather criticizes other and tries to solve the problem in a rational way.
Here a few tips from experts how a masculine intellection can ease women life and help to come through.
Don’t be afraid of criticizing. Most women are certain that serious intercommunion depend only on their own. They usually are afraid of criticizing only because they don’t want to ruin good relationships and strive to be well-liked by others. So, men and women communicate and behave very different. Men can spill out comments very easily, they make decisions faster and think less about their already expressed opinion. Women more often worry that their stated remark can make somebody feel hurt.
Don’t get so wrought-up. Express your notion in the concrete and clearly. You shouldn’t be worry that someone could take an offence or want to judge you for something. Try to push such emotions away and you will be wonder-struck. Have you ever heard a man who begins his request with such words as – “I regret”, “sorry”, “maybe” or “I feel”? Use to trust in yourself, measure your achievements realistically and never fear to ask for a better reward. If a man realizes that he deserves a bigger salary, that’s never a problem, he exacts it rigidly.
Stay off the food. Researchers claim that the diet itself works on men better than on women. This is because men are unapt to relate emotional state with food. They never fall to eat being anxious, lonely or stressful. Men never reproach or blame themselves for eating a huge pizza or doughnut and for consuming too much calories. They eat when they feel hungry and stop when they feel satiate. So, learn from men – always control how much you eat and never blame the diet you have chosen.
Don’t not worry for one slip – just try everything all over again. Housekeeping load divide up with other members of your family. Considering data of various research women spares double time more for housekeeping and children care than men. Even the working women think that home is entirely their own dominion. On the contrary men always think that every their accomplished activity should be recognized and appreciated by others. Many women strive to complete their tasks perfectly both at home and at work. So, being involved in this circle, they become exhausted by their work and for this reason problems grow faster and faster.
Learn to let your unclean kitchen floor or every little dust slide – try to do something meaningful instead it. Hire a housekeeper if you can afford it financially. Spare some time only for your needs every day. Your leisure time should be committed for your own desires and not for appeasement of anybody’s needs.
Written byRugile Kiguolyte