Thursday, 13 December 2007

Permohonan Untuk Berpoligami

Suami bin Lelaki
17, Jalan Angkasa,
24300, Kemaman.
Isteri binti Perempuan
17, Jalan Angkasa,
24300, Kemaman.
31 April 2006
Perkara di atas adalah di rujuk.
2. Sebab utama permohonan ini di lakukan adalah kerana saya ingin melengkapkan kuota yang telah di peruntukkan bagi saya. Buat masa ini kuota yang telah di isi cuma satu, memandangkan masih ada 3 kekosongan, eloklah jika dapat di penuhi secepat mungkin. Pihak yang akan mengisi satu kekosongan ini buat masa ini ialah Cik Hana Fazura binti Ramli yang merupakan setiausaha saya di pejabat. Memandangkan komitmen yang beliau tunjukkan di pejabat amat baik, eloklah jika kita masukkan dia bersama kita di dalam organisasi keluarga kita. Kekosongan yang selebihnya akan di isi di masa akan datang.
3. Untuk makluman pihak puan, yang sebenarnya masalah ini telah lama saya fikirkan tetapi memandangkan poket saya yang selalu nipis, terpaksalah saya tangguhkan dulu permohonan ini di samping kurangnye rasa keyakinan untuk mengemukakan permohonan ini. Kini, setelah saya dapat mengeluarkan kesemua duit pelaburan ASB saya, saya merasakan kembalinya semangat saya yang telah hilang selama ini.
4. Permohonan ini amat setimpal kerana dengan kedudukan sekarang ia menguntungkan kedua belah pihak dan juga pihak ketiga. Selama ini hidup kita bahagia sebab jika tidak, manakan mungkin puan dapat menjadi seperti sekarang. Semua yang puan miliki sudah bertambah besar. Kereta besar, rumah besar, rantai besar dan pakaian besar. Jika dulu potongan puan seperti gitar, kini sudah bertukar menjadi drum. Oleh itu, sudilah kiranya dapat kita kongsi bersama insan lain kebahagiaan kita ini.
5. Pihak puan juga dapat menikmati faedah dari kelulusan permohonan ini kerana puan akan tetap menikmati apa yang telah puan miliki sekarang dengan waktu bekerja lebih singkat dan sistem syif akan di perkenalkan iaitu 1 hari kerja dan 1 hari cuti rehat. Waktu bekerja yang selebihnya akan ditampung oleh pihak ketiga. Kebaikan yang puan akan nikmati ialah waktu rehat yang bebas kerana dalam waktu puan bercuti, saya selaku Penyelia tidak akan memantau aktiviti yang puan lakukan. Pada waktu itu saya cuma akan fokus kepada hasil kerja pihak ketiga. Menguntungkan bukan?
6. Segala kerjasama dari pihak puan saya dahulukan dengan ribuan terima kasih. Saya amat berharap pihak puan dapat meluluskan permohonan saya ini kerana adalah lebih baik jika kita dapat berkongsi kebahagiaan kita ini bersama insan lain. Saya harap permohonan saya ini di balas dengan senyuman penuh keikhlasan dari pihak puan dan tandatangan puan di atas kertas yang saya lampirkan bukannya balingan periuk nasi, pinggan-mangkuk, ketukan senduk dan perkara-perkara yang menyukarkan pihak puan untuk melakukannya.
7. Saya harap puan sudi meluluskan permohonan ini. Hadirkanlah senyumanmu sebagaimana ketika kita menyambut orang baru iaitu bayi kita kedalam keluarga kita 10 tahun lepas. Situasinya lebih kurang sama dengan masa kini. Kita akan menerima orang baru juga cuma bezanya ialah jika 10 tahun yang lepas kita perlu menjaga dan membelainya dengan manja bersama tetapi kali ini, setiap urusan penjagaan dan belaian manja akan di laksanakan oleh saya sepenuhnya.
8. Akhir kata, saya harap permohonan saya ini dapat dibalas secepat mungkin. Semoga kita bersama-bersama dengan pihak ketiga akan dapat melaksanakan program ini dengan jayanya.
Sekian, Terima Kasih.
Yang Ikhlas Memohon,
Suami bin Lelaki
Nota :
En Suami bin Lelaki telah menarik kembali permohonan ini setelah Puan Isteri binti Perempuan bertanyakan “Nak suruh saya tandatangan dimana? Guna pisau boleh bang..?”.
Kini anda berpeluang untuk hantarkan surat yang sedia didraf ini kepada isteri anda pula. Caranya, cuma tukarkan nama dan alamat pengirim dan penerima. Kalau anda berani cubalah…. ahaks!
p.s. Don’t ask me where did I get this… My aunt sent this out via email and I find it’s really farcial!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Learn Some Things From The Male Gender

Males and females evolved differently. Men mastered pure logical thinking while feeling become a more obvious characteristic of feminine psychology. Every woman follows her feelings as a guide throughout life. She blames herself for any failure while a man rather criticizes other and tries to solve the problem in a rational way.
Here a few tips from experts how a masculine intellection can ease women life and help to come through.
Don’t be afraid of criticizing. Most women are certain that serious intercommunion depend only on their own. They usually are afraid of criticizing only because they don’t want to ruin good relationships and strive to be well-liked by others. So, men and women communicate and behave very different. Men can spill out comments very easily, they make decisions faster and think less about their already expressed opinion. Women more often worry that their stated remark can make somebody feel hurt.
Don’t get so wrought-up. Express your notion in the concrete and clearly. You shouldn’t be worry that someone could take an offence or want to judge you for something. Try to push such emotions away and you will be wonder-struck. Have you ever heard a man who begins his request with such words as – “I regret”, “sorry”, “maybe” or “I feel”? Use to trust in yourself, measure your achievements realistically and never fear to ask for a better reward. If a man realizes that he deserves a bigger salary, that’s never a problem, he exacts it rigidly.
Stay off the food. Researchers claim that the diet itself works on men better than on women. This is because men are unapt to relate emotional state with food. They never fall to eat being anxious, lonely or stressful. Men never reproach or blame themselves for eating a huge pizza or doughnut and for consuming too much calories. They eat when they feel hungry and stop when they feel satiate. So, learn from men – always control how much you eat and never blame the diet you have chosen.
Don’t not worry for one slip – just try everything all over again. Housekeeping load divide up with other members of your family. Considering data of various research women spares double time more for housekeeping and children care than men. Even the working women think that home is entirely their own dominion. On the contrary men always think that every their accomplished activity should be recognized and appreciated by others. Many women strive to complete their tasks perfectly both at home and at work. So, being involved in this circle, they become exhausted by their work and for this reason problems grow faster and faster.
Learn to let your unclean kitchen floor or every little dust slide – try to do something meaningful instead it. Hire a housekeeper if you can afford it financially. Spare some time only for your needs every day. Your leisure time should be committed for your own desires and not for appeasement of anybody’s needs.
Written byRugile Kiguolyte

Friday, 5 October 2007

Nice Hair!

SUMANDAK BILANG: It’s Friday! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

A Morning Shut Down

Macam my scandalicious cuzzie cabreney bilang I’m using a jam London. Ya, if you’re sibuk mencari berus gigi… Sia pula sibuk mencari blanket. I’ve not gotten any sleep since 4pm yesterday… In other words, sia inda ada dapat tidur satu malam. I’ve tried to sleep tapi lepas tu ended with pigi ruang tamu and watch some boring movies yet couldn’t sleep. My blood pressure still under control… Normal… Tapi yang bikin takut ini mata inda pandai tutup… Urang tengah bangun pasang radio Kadazan or Dusun, sia pula sibuk mau cari tilam.

Maybe I should ask some of my friends yang pernah kena situasi begini… I know there are 2 of my friends yang mimang need medication untuk sleep. I hate staying up sampai pagi sebab tiada urang yang sia bulih chat kalau sudah limpas tengah malam… BORING! TV pun boring!

Saturday, 25 August 2007

I'm an Insomniac

What is Insomnia?
Insomnia is a 2002 American remake of a 1997 Norwegian film about a police officer investigating a murder above the Arctic Circle and suffering insomnia due to the midnight sun and his guilt over past and present misdeeds. The film was directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank. 
-Source: Wikipedia 

Insomnia is a novel written by Stephen King and first published in 1994. Like It and Dreamcatcher, its setting is the fictional town of Derry, Maine. 
-Source: Wikipedia

Insomniac is the fourth studio album from the punk rock band Green Day. It was released in 1995 on the Reprise Records label. Though it reached #2 in the U.S. and went 2x Platinum, Insomniac did not have the sales endurance of its predecessor, Dookie, largely due to its slightly darker lyrical tone and more abrasive sound. Though many consider Insomniac to be more consistent than Dookie, it did not feature a well-known hit single akin to “Longview” or “Basket Case” from Dookie or “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” from Nimrod. Before the name ‘Insomniac’, the band considered the naming the album ‘Tight Wad Hill’ (after the thirteenth track of the album). After visiting collage artist Winston Smith for the album cover, Billie Joe Armstrong asked him how he managed to make such intricate pieces in such short times. Smith answered, “It’s easy for me. I am an insomniac.” Insomniac has sold 2 million units in the United States as of August 2006. It is Green Day’s third biggest selling album after Dookie and American Idiot. 
-Source: Wikipedia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by an inability to sleep and/or inability to remain asleep for a reasonable period. Insomniacs typically complain of being unable to close their eyes or “rest their mind” for more than a few minutes at a time. Both organic and nonorganic insomnia constitute a sleep disorder. It can be caused by fear, stress, anxiety, medications, herbs, caffeine, depression, bipolar disorder, emotional or mental tension, work problems, financial stress, unsatisfactory sex life and sometimes occurs for no apparent reason. An overactive mind or physical pain may also be causes. Finding the underlying cause of insomnia is usually necessary to cure it. Insomnia can be common after the loss of a loved one, even months or a year after the death, if they are not grieving correctly (pretending they are over it when they are not). It very often occurs when the person has a lack of food or not enough variety of foods (such as eating one food over and over again). It is common for insomniacs to sleep walk and/ or have very vivid & intense dreams. 
-Source: Wikipedia

Friday, 24 August 2007

Kisah 2 Hantu

Tersebutlah kisah dua orang hantu. Mereka ni baru bertemu lalu mereka pun berborakla untuk mengisi masa lapang kehidupan mereka sebagai hantu. Sepanjang perbualan mereka, Hantu B ni tak habis-habis menggigil. 

Lalu, Hantu A yang kehairanan ni pun bertanya, “Apsal kau ni asyik menggigil je?”

“Oh..cara aku mati dulu teruk..aku mati dalam peti ais…sejuk!!” Jawab Hantu B sambil menggigil lagi.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

What Your Underwear Tells About You

Polka-dotted lingerie near your cleavage or silky g-string lace on your waist may disclose you more than you might think. Underwear type, color and fabric can talk much about personality as different people choose different undergarment. Have you ever wondered what type of wearer you are? Or maybe you want to guess your date’s temper?
Although women seem to have been given preference to be mad about clothing, men can choose from pretty wide selection of underwear types as well. Those who can’t live without briefs are reliable, but slaves of their habits. Don’t ask them to quit smoking or throw away toy soldiers collection! They don’t like to change their wardrobe, their free time activities nor comfortable life with parents. However men of this type are very stable and faithful. While a woman in granny panties is too shy and conservative to let anyone see her lingerie. People wearing briefs only pay attention to comfort, but ignores any trends. They are usually predictable and skip innovations. Mind that granny panties cover up a lot of body from upper thighs to belly button; if a girl choose to wear those, she doesn’t feel comfortable with her body.
Boxer shorts are the most popular pants type among men and pretty widespread among women. Boxers wearers are relaxed and self-confident men. They like the comfort but they also like to look good. A man wearing boxers knows how to choose wine in a restaurant, but he won’t tire you with snobbish talks nor try to get you deadly drunk. This type of men is the golden mean.
Girlie boxer pants differ from boxers for guys as it shows a bit of upper thighs and backside. Girl in boxers enjoys challenges and winning new territories. But don’t hurry up to imagine a feminist warrior. She knows when to tease, but she’s very feminine. Boxers wearer usually lives active life.
If a woman wears matching pants and bra, she’s most likely to be a real fashion follower. She knows the title of that new song on the radio and the list of most popular cafeterias in the town. She’s welcome in parties for her communicative temper. But watch out: she would rather go shopping than dating. However you can take her interest with tickets to brand-new movie.
The most common pants among women are bikinis. Girl wearing this type of underwear pays most attention to comfort. She is practical, but she likes to wear nice things. However you won’t see this woman in stockings nor corset, it’s too daring for her.
A woman in thongs or G-strings and lacy lingerie definitely likes to feel sexy. She won’t blush from a compliment and won’t be shy to tell her opinion about anything. Also a woman of this type won’t wait for a guy to introduce himself; she dares to run about after the one she likes. Thongs wearers are usually in the center of attention for their flirty talks.
While women wear thongs to compliment their shapes and avoid panty-lines, this type of underwear is pretty rear among men. If you’ve met a guy in thongs, you can be 90% sure he’s a stripper. The other ten percent are possible narcissuses that like to expose their goodies and sacrifice comfort for that. Man in thongs is party animal and swaggers about his sexual achievements.
Fabric and color of underwear can tell a lot as well. Fluffy clothing refers to playful person, while leather lingerie signalize its wearer won’t be stable in relationships. Silky underwear tells that person cherish her body and has a turn to pleasures.
Girlie and romantic persons choose white, sweet pink or flowers patterned lingerie, but daring pink warns about seductive and sensual woman. Red underwear shouts about energetic girl that loves to demonstrate her sexuality. Lovers of purple and yellow colors are original and unique; they are imaginative and creative in every way of their life including bed. Blue underwear is preferred by sensitive people, while green underwear discloses stable person that loves to be in charge and give commands. People that choose black undergarment are self-confident and know what they want. Bright colored or speckled with funny pictures underwear means that its owner doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion. However if you see a guy in strange patterned pants, it’s possible that his mom still holds him under control.
Underwear is no longer thingies to hide; they help people to create their style. But don’t follow these tips blindly; a girl in leather and chains can be sensitive and romantic person too.
Source: Jurgita

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Love Messages

  • There are 12 months a year… 30 days a month… 7 days a week… 24 hours a day… 60 minutes an hour… but only one like you in a lifetime.
  • Great minds contain ideas, solutions and reasons; scientific minds contain formulas, theories and figures; my mind contains only you!
  • Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this.
  • There is night so we can appreciate day, sorrow so we can appreciate joy, evil so we can appreciate good, you so I can appreciate love.
  • What is love? Those who don’t like it call it responsibility. Those who play with it call it a game. Those who don’t have it call it a dream. Those who understand it call it destiny. And me, I call it you.
  • If love can be avoided by simply closing our eyes, then I wouldn’t blink at all for I don’t want to let a second pass having fallen out of love with you.
  • I used to think that dreams do not come true, but this quickly changed the moment I laid my eyes on you.
  • When situation gets you down, remember there’s Someone in Heaven who loves you and watches over you and there’s someone on Earth who cares… I do.
  • When I dream, I dream of you… Maybe one day, dreams will come true.
  • If, out of time, I could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that I have lived, I’d pick the moment I met you.
  • I’m on a mission to get over you, in other words mission impossible.
  • Love. All my life I have read about it, dreamt of it, waited for it, cried for it, needed it. Now with you, I have found it.
  • When the time comes I can’t smile anymore, don’t worry about me, I know what to do. I’ll just stare at one corner and think of you. No one else could make me happy like the way you do.
  • You may never see how much I care for you. You may never hear how much I treasure you. You may never feel how much I miss you. Coz only here in my heart can you see them true.
  • If you’re feeling lonely and you think there is nobody there to love, support, listen or show they care, just save this message and every time you realize it, it will remind you that a part of me is always there with you.
  • They say that as long as there is one person loving you, life isn’t a waste. So if you lose hope and thought that life is not worth living, just remember I’m here.
  • They told me I could do anything if I put my mind into it. Yet no matter how hard I try in all that I do, I just can’t take my mind off you.
  • My biggest reward is to see you smile, know you are happy, and feel you are loved. I know life is sometimes cruel, but that’s why I’m here, to show you that life can be good when somebody cares.
  • I always think of you, but I always fail to know the reason why. Is there something else I should know about you? But there is one thing that I know is true. That life will always be sad without you.
  • Don’t say you love me unless you really mean it cause I might do something crazy like believe it.
  • I’m afraid to close my eyes coz I might think of you. I’m afraid to open them coz I might see you. I’m afraid to move my lips coz I might speak of you. I’m afraid to listen coz I might hear my heart fall for you.
  • Text me when you are sad, text me when you need someone to listen to and you can’t find anyone who will. I don’t care if I’m your last option, I just don’t want you to cry alone.
  • I don’t want to say I miss you, though deep inside I do, coz I’m afraid you might see thru and know how much fear I have of losing someone like you.
  • I wish one day you will miss me terribly that no matter how hard you look for me, you won’t find me. Why? Because, I want you to miss me the way I’m missing you right now.
  • Whatever you do, I’ll walk with you. Hoping that your every dream would come true. Anytime, anywhere, I’ll always be there. Wishing you love and happiness because I care.
  • The spaces between our fingers were created so that another person’s fingers could fill them in. Hope you’ll find your dream hand to hold you forever.
  • Every part of me wants you, maybe because I was made just for you!
  • If you were a wound inside my heart, I’d rather leave it there with all the pain locked inside than leave it without a trace of you.
  • Whenever you feel blue, I will be there for you. Whenever you are sad, I will stay by your side. Whenever you need someone to love, I will always be there for you to have.
  • I hate when you smile at me because you make me crazy about you. I hate when you talk to me because you make me run out of words. I hate you when I see you because you make me love you more.
  • What good is beauty without brains, looks without charm, money without happiness, a smile without feelings, a life without you?
  • A person you love is an extension of yourself. Without it, you’re not complete so better take care of yourself because I don’t want to lose a part of me.
  • I wish my eyes could speak what my heart feels for you, coz my lips can lie on what is true. My eyes couldn’t coz even if I close them I could still see you.
  • I have you! If you hate me, shoot me with an arrow, but please not on the heart coz that’s were you are!
  • You’re like a target that I always try to aim at. How I wish I could aim you at the heart. But every time I fail, I feel so sad. You know why? It’s because I always end up missing you.
  • Love is something special, a treasure I want to find… To others, love is blind but for me, its not true, coz when I fell in love… I saw you.
  • I’ll lend you my shoulder for you to cry on, my ears to listen to, my hand for you to hold, my feet to walk with you, but I can’t lend you my heart coz it already belongs to you.
  • You must be a thief coz you stole my heart. You must be tired coz you’re always running through my mind. And maybe I’m a bad shooter coz I keep missing you.
  • I asked God for a rose and He gave me a garden. I asked God for a drop of water and He gave me an ocean. I asked God for an angel and He gave me you!
  • If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder and hold you close to me and answer with a smile: “Like this!”
  • If only one star would fall every time I miss you, then all the stars in heaven would be gone. Don’t wonder if there are no stars tonight! It’s your fault coz you made me miss you a lot.
  • Life may sometimes be a rough road to walk on where everything seems wrong. But don’t give up. Just go on coz when you think you’re all alone, look back and you’ll find me walking along.
  • They say as long as at least one person cares for you, life isn’t a waste. So when things go terribly wrong, and you feel like giving up, please remember you still got me.
  • True love is hard to find, special one, one of a kind. I know because it appeared to me on a strange day I met you.
  • I’ve been wondering why you’re not texting… Multiple Choice: a. busy b. dedma c. tired d. thrifty e. want me to miss you.
  • An angel asked me a reason why I care for you so much. I told her I care for you so much coz there’s no reason not to.
  • First time I saw you, I was scared to touch you. First time I touched you, I was scared to kiss you. First time I kissed you, I was scared to love you. But now that I love you, I’m scared to lose you!
  • If love is a disease then I’m very ill. But I would not want medicine and won’t take any pill. I would instead suffer this illness and be bedridden with joy of knowing you.
  • I will walk with you side by side for only one condition: hide your wings every time we walk together because the whole world might know that you’re my angel!
  • I used to think that the world is so unfair, that it gave me so many reasons to hate it. But now, how can I hate such a wonderful world that gave me you?
  • Can I say I love you today? If not, can I ask you again tomorrow? And the day after tomorrow? And the day after that? Coz I’ll be loving you every single day of my life.
  • You greeted me hi, I didn't reply. You gave me a sweet smile, I responded with a sigh. You showed me your love, you received a shrug. But when you bid goodbye I began to cry.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

A Strong Woman vs Woman of Strength

A strong woman works out every day to keep her body in shape... 
but a woman of strength kneels in prayer to keep her soul in shape... 

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything... 
but a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of her fear... 

A strong woman won't let anyone get the best of her... 
but a woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone... 

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future... 
a woman of strength realizes life's mistakes can also be God's blessings and capitalizes on them... 

A strong woman walks sure footedly... 
but a woman of strength knows God will catch her when she falls... 

A strong woman wears the look of confidence on her face... 
but a woman of strength wears grace... 

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey... 
but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong...

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Eleven People on A Rope

Eleven people were hanging on a rope under a helicopter. There were 10 men & 1 woman which have been saved from flood. The rope was not strong enough to carry them all. So, they decided to that 1 of them had to leave. If not, they all will going to fall. 

Because of the situation, they weren't able to choose that person, until the woman gave a very touching speech…..

She said that she would voluntarily to let go of the rope because as a woman she was used to giving up everything for her husband & her kids or for a men in general. And was used to always making sacrifices with little in return.

As soon as she finished her speech,

Then all men on the rope clapping their hands….. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the Māori name for a hill, 305 metres high, close to Porangahau, south of Waipukurau in southern Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Some additional info here…

The name on the sign that marks this hill is “Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu”, which translates roughly as The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the climber of mountains, the land-swallower who travelled about, played his nose flute to his loved one. At 85 letters, it is one of the longest place names in the world.

The longest place name in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is Bangkok’s full ceremonial name given by King Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke, and later edited by King Mongkut, nearly doubles that and is called “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.”

p.s. I wonder what’s the longest place name in Sabah? Anyone????

Friday, 30 March 2007

Glade’s Plug Ups

I’d rather die from laughing than buying this weird stuff! Plug into my ass… Wahahaha… Sounds like a tampon for me… Isn’t it too big for the ‘lubang’ kah?

Monday, 5 March 2007

I’m a Camo-addicted.

The main focus of this photo is on the CAMO CAMO CAMO mini! I’ve always love camo and have 2 pairs of camo pants in my wardrobe. Hehehehehe~ Well, I’m going to buy more camo before they are out of stock! Hehehehehehe~ More camos on the run!!!!

Sunday, 25 February 2007


someone is very proud of you
someone is thinking of you
someone cares about you
someone misses you
someone wants to talk to you
someone wants to be with you
someone hopes you aren’t in trouble
someone is thankful for the support you have provided
someone wants to hold your hand
someone hopes everything turns out all right
someone wants you to be happy
someone wants you to find them
someone is celebrating your successes
someone wants to give you a gift
someone think you ARE a gift
someone hopes you are not too cold, or too hot
someone wants to hug you
someone loves you
someone wants to lavish you with small gifts
someone admires your strength
someone is thinking of you and smiling
someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on
someone wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun
someone thinks the world of you
someone wants to protect you
someone would do anything for you
someone wants to be forgiven
someone is grateful for your forgiveness
someone wants to laugh with you about old times
someone remembers you and wishes you were there
someone needs to know that your love is unconditional
somebody values your advice
someone wants to tell you how much they care
someone wants to stay up watching old movies with you
someone wants to share their dreams with you
someone wants to hold you in their arms
someone wants YOU to hold them in your arms
someone treasures your spirit
someone wishes they could STOP time because of you
someone can’t wait to see you
someone wishes that things didn’t have to change
someone loves you for who you are
someone loves the way you make them feel
someone wants to be with you
someone hears a song that reminds them of you
someone wants you to know they are there for you
someone is glad that you’re their friend
someone wants to be your friend
someone stayed up all night thinking about you
someone is alive because of you
someone is wishing that you would notice them
someone wants to get to know you better
someone believes that you are their soul mate
someone wants to be near you
someone misses your guidance and advice
someone values your guidance and advice
someone has faith in you
someone trusts you
someone needs your support
someone needs you to have faith in them
someone needs you to let them be your friend
someone will cry when they read this

p.s. I wish that someone out there would never notice me as a petite girl who can be easily tricked… Muahahahah! Sot sot sot… Or a sumandak who always jual mahal sampai inda ada yang mo dia. Wahahahahahahahahahah~ Sot sot sot…

Friday, 2 February 2007

stupid questions about loyalty and love

Would you sacrifice your life for the one you love?
yes… if he’s the only one…

What if only one of you could live but you both have 1 hr. to decide who…
him lah…

without knowing the others choice, would you still make that choice?

Your lover/spouse takes a trip and cheats on you. Do you want to know?
it hurts when someone cheat on you. i’d rather keep it for myself and let him spill it all over.

What if the roles were reversed? Would you tell him the truth?
yes… i can’t afford to tell lies…

Would you want to meet the man of your dreams knowing he would die in 1 yr?

What if you knew he would cheat on you in 1 year? Pleasure worth the pain?
sakit hati lah bah…

Your lover needs an organ transplant & dog-gone-it you match?
kasi sajalah…

He has a 100% recovery rate, you only have 49%. Will you do it?
serah sama god…

Your best friend whom you’re in love doesn’t love you & you meet the girl of his dreams. She is everything (you’re not) that would make him happy.
be happy for both of them… can’t force someone to love you juga…

Can you put aside your feelings & set them up together?
it takes some times to do so… lari jauh2 and biar masa tentukan then balik jumpa diorang, tanya khabar… that’s all.. hahahah~

How important is honesty in your relationships? Knowing ALL the truth?
i don’t expect someone to be 100% honest… at least he’s honest with his feeling towards me.

What if your guy couldn’t lie about his feelings for you?Your looks?Girls?
i dunno… well… i dun really understand ur question lah…

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Quote of The Day: Love

“Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you’re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky his is to have you…. The one who turns to his friends and says, ‘that’s her.’”

Monday, 15 January 2007

Is love alone enough in a relationship?

Is love alone enough in a relationship? (The original question)
I’d personally say that love alone is NOT enought in a relationship. WHY? The reason is love requires SUPPORT e.g. commitment, trust, respect, understanding, thoughtfulness, and of course the things that support us to live – MONEY. I don’t mean that love is a lust of money (get a rich person to love). As long as we have money to support our basic needs e.g. food, clothes, etc. I guess it’s more than enough. Love is not a mere feeling because I believe that love is a feeling that can vanish anytime if we have no commitment of keeping it burning. It is akin to a person who is clever but has no commitment of going to school. If I want LOVE, I’ll ensure it will keep on burning all the time… Enough to lit up the life – Yang penting tidak padam. Besides, RESPECT plays an important role between 2 parties – How can a LOVE lasts if there’s no respect? Paling-paling hatred saja tu nanti. TRUST – Trust the one that you LOVE. Tapi, susah juga mo cakap kan? Sebab kadang-kala kita TRUST tapi turus kena betray. Some people bilang follow your INSTINCT, believe it kunun. Frankly speaking, sometimes I do follow my instinct and found out that sometimes itu instinct sia inda ngam. Mo kena tiun tiun… Hahhahaha~ I guess itu saja sia bulih cakap sebab itu saja yang sia rasa… Yang penting LOVE ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH IN A RELATIONSHIP!

Saturday, 6 January 2007

A Message about God

These are not written by me. In fact, a friend of mine sent this via email. I think it’s quite interesting and well… I'm sharing this with you, guys…

God love you more than everything in this world.
He understands you more than you understand about yourself.
He always be by your side.
He’s the only one who will never leave you.
If you feel depressed,
Just tell everything to Him,
And He will show you the true love
And also answer your problem.
He is your Father, Friend, and your Endless Love.
So, don’t worry about something
Because He will give the best for you.

Do you know why God created gaps between your fingers?
It's because someone who is very special to you will come,
and fill those gaps by holding your hands forever.

God will never leave you empty.
He will replace everything you lost.
If He asks you to put something down,
It's because He wants you to pick up something great.

Happy Sabbath, guys!