Wednesday, 23 March 2005

The Hardest Day in my Life

Sia di dalam bilik hostel sia sekarang guna handphone sia login internet using gprs to write something on my blog. Today is the saddest day in my life. I have just received sms from my boyfriend asking for a break up. 

Sia mati-mati love him but apa yang sia dapat is this. I never wish for a break up - tapi if he cannot love me anymore, then i have to let him go walaupun i don't want to. 

Currently, I'm having my final exam and all these things are bulking in my mind. Hari ni sia menangis saja. I don't have anyone to rely on here. I don't have a roommate to share my pieces of broken-hearted. I feel like want to die but i cannot do it. 

Napa sia kena hadapi ni benda untuk yang ke-2 kalinya.