Thursday, 24 March 2005

Life as Usual

Just came back from canteen. I did not have my breakfast this morning and decided to have a brunch with my coursemates. I slept well last night sampai bilik sebelah can hear my goruk. Hahahaha. Kidding! 

My mum phoned yester night and she asked me to go home to clear things up. But, i refused to go home since it's only for a week. Gosh... Balik-balik naik kapal terbang lagi and have to stuck there for an hour and twenty minutes, and that excludes boarding time and immigresen check up. I'm too bored waiting in line and that's why i hate to go into the bank. I would prefer to spend my time withdrawing money using ATM.

I went to read DOPEYMOOKE blog just now and she really makes my tummy tickles. Still don't get my words? Why don't you read it yourself, i'm not going to kill my times blogging using my precious NOKIA.

:-P This is the link for DOPEYMOOKE blog. Beware the eyes of DOPEYMOOKE for she shall eat you alive... It's alive. It's alive. Why am i talking nonsense here. 

p/s: I have clear things up with my boyfriend yester night. And we are back for good.