Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Photoblog – New Update

If you’re wishing that I took some of the Unduk Ngadau pics… Sorry to make you disappointed… I would rather take photos on different subject, different angle, etc. The point is so I won’t have to clash with others who are taking the same subject as mine. Muahahahhah~ I guess you guys are much much much delighted to have more photographers out there who would take more photos on the Unduk Ngadau… They are really pretty and sure they’re CHICKS! XD Anyway, do visit my photoblog on May’s Randomness… Do let me know if you like the photos… If you don’t like them all,  just write a simple comment… I mean COMMENT not ‘CONDEMNING’ or Vilificating. I would rather assume that such act of condemning others is  to show part of your weaknesses… I didn’t merely say it… A psychologist just mentioned it in his book. Do spend some times to read David J. Lieberman’s Never be Lied to Again. I’m sure you can always get it over the Internet for free… It’s a nice book even though the title sounds like ‘absurd’…  XD

SUMANDAK BILANG: I didn’t even got the chance to take photos during Kadus Music Concert held by KaDus Entertainment as I was having other commitments. Don’t ask me for further explanation as I won’t bother to answer such curiosity… XD Relax, guys… It’s JUNE and I cannot wait to step into July! Yiiipppeee!