Sunday, 16 October 2011

A New Beginning

I went to meet with my course facilitator just now as I need to submit my assignments before the due date. It was pretty hot today, and I wasn't allowed to drive myself to the college. My parents sent me out to study again as they believe I need to get rid of that 'Logiut' out of my life. Life has been hard (and difficult) lately. I have to stand up again, and I need to make sure that his request is fulfilled - He has asked me to divorce him (what kind of man is that? To ask a divorce from his wife?). It's a 'pang' to my life but I'm thankful enough from the people around me who have asked me to grant his wishes. I wish him to be able to lead a happy life with the women (not only 1) that he wished to be with. Me? I'm going to struggle, and be strong for my 3 months daughter. I can do it, as a single mom!

Mum fetched me from the college a few minutes after I called her. She bought me to have our lunch at 1Borneo. Luckily, Dad and bro were at home to babysit the baby. Great. I can spend more time shopping for myself after a few months of 'jailing' myself in the house, thinking of what other people might say or even write over their Facebook, or Twitter - I screen captured every single of their tweets, anyway. For what? To remind myself that these people really exist, and they are very judgemental in their own way. Masih bujang tapi berlagak macam sudah pernah rasa sakit beranak. Please lah!

Here's my lunch... Enough to give me energy for my workout later in the evening.

After we finished our lunch, I went to buy a new spectacles as the previous one sudah rosak because I threw it when I was pretty angry with Logiut for being so childish. Sikit-sikit ada masalah terus bilang 'BALIK TAMPARULI'. WTF! At least sia berpuas hati selepas tumbuk muka si pondan for being a liar and Logiut. Siapa suruh terlampau pintar ada skandal masa orang sarat mengandung. I allow you to insult me for being so unsexy (and you said you would divorce me if I couldn't get my pre body shape).

Oh well... Tidak seteruk macam orang lain juga bah... Heheheh~