Monday, 8 September 2008

I’m Just Me (With a Life)

I bumped into my ex-bf’s blog just now. Saja mau lawat kan sebab long time sudah inda lawat-lawat blog kawan-kawan (including his blog). Glad that he’s enjoying his life right now, and he really deserves it. But I was quite dissappointed juga lah if people are using shoutbox, comments, etc. to insult the author, owner, person. I’ve been in that shoe before… And, of course, I’m speechless. I was deeply hurt by the statement (panjang lebar bah dat comment), like ‘she’ has known me for aeons. Anyway, I assume that she must have a reason to make such statement – We’ll never know (and of course, I don’t want to know also but how I wish to meet that person). OK.. I’m done with the past thingy and all I need now is to move on (yeah! yeah! Go for it!)… I have a life going forward (and not backward) and I don’t have the mood to turn back (ever!) even though I’m pulled backward (sometimes).

p.s. I’m happy that I’m gradually changing and suiting myself with the new environment. To get closer with God is even challenging but I do enjoy every single of it because I believe He’s always stay beside me. I may fear of seeing the future (what will I be in the next few years) but as long as God is there, anything is possible!