Monday, 1 September 2008

Engagement Day @ Kg Kibulu, Pitas

I was in Kg. Kibulu, Pitas, yesterday to attend Abang Juri & Sis Jefainy’s engagement day. Hehehehehe… Went there with cousin Win and Sasha.. It was a long and tiresome journey (kasin si Win balik-balik menguap), he was exhausted but kept on driving juga. Anyway, thanks, Win. Lagipun, Juri is our friend juga gia. Then, we stopped at Kota Marudu petrol station to fill the tank – takut lah bah manatau jauh tu tempat. About 1 hour jugalah from Kota Marudu to Kg. Kibulu, Pitas. Gravel lagi tu…

The last thing that I know… Win safely drove us home at 9:47pm… I was totally exhausted… Terus terjun pigi atas katil after took my bath… Bangun jak tadi pagi turus saw 1 missed ‘morning’ call from Anderson (that guy mimang start sudah mo bagi morning call). Yang syoknya, sia butul-butul tidur mati… HAHAHAHAHAH~ After this mo pigi rumah Pammie as they’re having a Thanksgiving Party for Pammie & Kenny (should address him as Dr. Kenny sudah… Kekekekeke~).