Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Message For Adventist Youths

Dear Adventist Youths,

I happened to turned on the radio and heard how Facebook was used to get in-touch with criminals about their court date. The judges and the authorities stated that people respond better on Facebook than calling them through their phones.

Like books, radio, television, internet and Facebook, Friendster too is a tool in spreading a message. Why can it be a message about Jesus? Jesus stated that if you deny the Father before men, He will deny you before His father.

What upsets me the most is what many of the Adventist youths are doing with their own Friendster page? Yes, Friendster is for you personally. However, isn’t it true that Friendster is used to share to others a little more of you that others may have not seen? There are millions of Friendster users that have not known about Christ yet. Are you going to keep silent of the word of God? Are you going to sit still in front of your computer and alert people of how you dislike this person, and that idea, and the fun you’ve spent with friends and disregard, perhaps, one of your friend who has no knowledge of Christ ending up knowing how your malicious, or frivolity, or even your levity egoistic idea that are revealed through Friendster? Do not be influenced by others. Use this chance to proclaim your God, testify about His love, share a testimony of what He has done to you through the notes application, and maybe share a text that can inspire others.

I read an advertisement that said something like this: “If you’re reading this, than there’s a great chance that others are also reading this. Please call ###-#### to post your Ad” I strongly feel that Friendster is something like that, it’s like an advertisement of your own life. You can definitely advertise your personal life on Friendster, and also interchangeably share Christ so that others may see what Christ have done to you. Isn’t it possible? I believe so.

Hasten God’s second coming my friends. Let anyone that spent hours on Friendster, instead of the Bible, to read your testimony and be blessed. Also remember this; if they are criticizing you’re way of testifying God, know that they are certainly criticizing God.

Imagine this, you have the chance to bring hundreds of souls to Christ through the people that you’ve added from Friendster, yet, you choose to keep silent. What can a bright flashlight be if it’s hidden behind the thread of your pocket? How can your pizza taste like pizza when you restricted the amount of cheese that it should have? Shout the message on top of the mountain if you need to, but wouldn’t it be pointless if you’re screaming it to rocks and trees? My friend, God is giving you ways to share His message to others. Are you going to just sit there and talk more about yourself? Or is it time to make Friendster as a tool to introduce Christ?

- A. F. L.
A youth for Christ. :)

PS: Friendster has over 54 million registered users globally and 27 million monthly unique visitors as of September 2007.(…) . What are you waiting for? Are you going to let pastors and missionaries do all the spreading of God’s news? It’s about time that every Adventist youths, young and old, to share His good news to every corner of the world, including the World Wide Web. So pass this message on to your Adventist friend and share His message and see the life that will be touched.