Friday, 12 December 2008


I’ve been thinking, considering (what else ah?) about this matter lately… The probabilities I can make are:

Probability 1: If I accept the task, then I have to serve… Committed and have to face what ahead of me.

Probability 2: If I don’t accept the task, I may hurt those who are expecting me to do the job. Well, of course, some might be happy if I just quit being a leader (well, I’d be happy to know who’s that person… Just to kill my curiosity mah~). I don’t mind if she/he asked me to do so… I don’t mind because he/she may take my place mah~. Aku mimang jahat kalau sudah sampai tahap jahat…

Probability 3: Whether I accept or not, the thing is I still have to do the job. I may quit anytime but I may turn down some people and of course do enlighten some who doesn’t quite like my style.

Probability 4: —–buat kerja sendiri saja——