Thursday, 30 April 2009

Between Me & My Compadres…

I was flipping over my Facebook photos and I do feel like there’s a need to say thanks to these fellow friends of mine. There’s a slight chance to get yourself snapped when you’re taking photos of others. We call it ‘Timbak Guna Sinapang’… Hahaha! Anyway, I love all the pics taken biarpun I do look like a clown, sometimes… Thanks for the friendship and of course, the photos. Nice knowing you, guys! Just don’t ask me to strike for some poses… I’m suck at doing it thing! OK… That’s one of my limitations… I’m looking forward to make more new friends and exchange some ideas. Do add me in your Facebook. Anyway, do spend some times to have a peek on my photos here. Have a nice day!

SUMANDAK BILANG: It’s piano time! Yeeeeha! Oh, if you’re thinking of adding me into your list, don’t leave you primary pics blank kio… I mean, do upload your primary pics because I’m might block you IF YOU’RE ANNOYING… Punyalah jahat… XD

Credits: Japrin Thomas@Pirut, Benedict Rudy James, Lorand@Sinundu, Mark Mojitoh@Kadus, Mailson Mahap@Mahapson, George Duat@gogds, Arieon, Christine@Olumis, Alvin Dusity, Ramesh@Dirty Paw.