Sunday, 14 November 2004

Sprained my brain

Just came back from shopping in Choon Yen Fatt Supermarket here in Inanam. The rain has just stopped and now my cat, Ngangau is meowing for meat! How are you guys are doing? Did you go for Hari Raya Open House? I will be visiting my Aunt in Kinarut tomorrow, she has invited us for Hari Raya at her home. Yeah Yeah! I can taste her tasty delicacies again! Then, on Tuesday, I have to return to Kg. Poturidong, Kiulu since one of cousin is engaging. I haven't return there for such a long time. Gezz, really miss Kiulu, after all!

I haven't mailed some mails that I've supposed to, way to busy to do them all. After the 3rd Day of Hari Raya, I have to go for medical check-up which I've supposed to do a month ago. Last minutes again! Just a few days left for me to enjoy before I leave for Sarawak.

Can you give me some opinions or advices? OK... It goes like this, what are you going to do when a person who is younger than you doesn't want to hear your advice and said she/he wants to punch you? Sounds unclear, right? OK... Frankly, I have a cousin who is younger than me (still a "will be" 11 years old) who wants to punch me (but she said she didn't chance to do so to my cousin who then, inform me in front of her) because I adviced her not to go to her cousin's house (my cousin also, the one who informed me) when their parents aren't at home. She haven't ask for apologize until now and the worst thing is she said to others that I'm rude and hope that I will be punished by God for the things that I've done to her - Gosh! I only ignored her for 3 days now, you may say I'm a little harsh to her. 

You may say that she still a little child, but what if she's your own daughter? Will you let her say like that or just teach her some lessons so that she might never repeat the same mistake again? This is the 2nd time she did this to me, the first time was when she was just 9 years old, and she said that I slept with my boyfriend since I didn't come home that night - Actually, she didn't saw I did come back that night, after I had dinner with my boyfriend in Inanam.

None of my cousins here like her since she likes to think that she's pretty - Yeah, the only prettiest girl in this Kampung! Ho! Ho! Ho! I don't think she's pretty, but more to moron who never study and also a liar who has lots of stories to share every seconds. I'm giving her about one week to say sorry, after that period, I will ignore her - I don't care about her again and I won't help her about anything. No more presents for her! I will care only for my other cousins who are good to me - and most of all, unintended to punch me... Ho Ho Ho!

I think that's all for now. My mum is calling for me - Dinner's ready! Adios and take care!

"Think before you say it aloud!"