Friday, 1 August 2008

Assignments! Presentation! Project Paper! Test!

My life is more likely a ‘hell’ (Nope… I’m just not that lucky to be Hellboy’s GF)… I’m getting less sleep and then pimples (lots of them) (T_T)… I need to make revision on Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Behavior. Ini baru 4, belum lagi 6!

I’ll be in KK for ‘almost’ 16 hours as I have to meet the NSTP’s Sales Executive. Later on, I need to have a discussion with my 2 ‘giggling’ girlfriends – Laine & Noemi. Then… Ya… We’re going to have our Marketing class lagi from 7 – 10pm. I guess I have to sleep early lah as I will be playing the piano during divine service (where? church la.. Hehehe).

Beauty regime is not my top priority right now – Out of my topic right now. I need more energy to do all these assignments… Gosh! Life’s been treating me so unfair lately… Why got 24 hours in a day? And I still need to bring the kids to Tamparuli for the choir practise on Saturday… Aha! I nearly forgot that I still haven’t got times to design the uniform for the choir.

Sunday? I have a meeting with the guys and I’m hoping that gogds will be fixed the time as I will be having discussion on Sunday evening. Monday? I gotta head to UMS for add and drop lagi! I just hope everything will be just fine. Tuesday (5th Aug), the three of us will be presenting in front of the class. (X_X)

I need to pamper myself with this word…