Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Burden is Lifted Up

I went to the church just now as my cousins were asking me to come along and then Annette wanted to pay for the badge fees. So, okaylah… I drove my Rush to the church, tagged Sasha along as there’s a place which looks really spooky… The villagers said there’s this Ms. Rebonding bah kunun. Didn’t get out of the car as I wasn’t feeling quite well as I haven’t eaten for a whole day. Just some glasses of water and soy bean. Didn’t have the mood as I was still thinking about the problem. So, while I was waiting for the kids (and was waiting for Uncle Henry also) I thought that I should share with someone (other than my mum or aunt), at least be willing to share his/her opinion. I don’t really mind if he/she listens to my craps but I would really appreciate if he/she can share opinion or suggestion. I’m trying hard to motivate myself – THINK POSITIVE.

So, I dialed the number (was hoping that I wasn’t disturbing). Wallla! Chatted for about half an hour and I finally feel like my burden is lifted up. The feeling is lightened up a bit. Thanks, buddy! You’re really a good at giving advice. Nearly forgot yang God masih ada. Nantilah sia treats ko gula-gula tungtung. Hahahahhaa~ If ko minta kirim ole-ole pun, dalam otak sia Nike cap saja sebab memang itu aim sia juga mo collect Nike cap…


Friday, 28 November 2008

It Hurts To Have The Present & Future

Been busy these few days… Busy apa juga other than driving saja. I also stopped by at Auntie Ann’s place just to meet Kittle and helping her to set up with her new laptop. Tagged along with my 2 other girls – Sasha & Naz. Was supposed to bring along Pippy but she has to head back to KB as her auntie (I guess) is getting married this Saturday. I even planned to treat Pippy during her 15th birthday this coming Sunday as I won’t be around in KK for a week. Not sure lah if jadi atau tidak…

Something’s bugging my mind lately and I’m trying to figure out if ‘m in the right lane or I’m in the state of unable to satisfy the minds of other people, etc. Everyone has their own perceptions and expectations – I can’t satisfy or expect they have the same thinking as mine. I can’t demand them to think like me or even to have my ideas to be accepted… I can only voice out what lies deep inside my heart but I don’t expect people to agree with my ideas. If only I have the power to read other people’s mind… Yeah, I’m forever grateful because I don’t have to be like a Satorare where people can hear what you’re thinking or grieving for God’s sake!

To be frank enough… I’m quite disappointed right now… Well, it’s more than just disappointed! I’m totally frustrated and can’t even figure it out why some people that once are so nice can now just pass by without even saying “Hello” or at least smile. It really hurts to have someone that you know for so long suddenly acts in such attitude. If I did wrong, just please be frank lah. I don’t mind having your piece of mind as well. Anyway… I’m sure you won’t read this because you don’t really know about blogging. It really kills me to know a person who only looks out only when he/she really needs a help. I don’t mind helping people because I believe that helping others is a blessing. However, I just don’t like the attitude of keeping someone who is so arrogant of his/her own self.

I don’t know what else did he/she tell other people who are close to him/her. I don’t care about it because I know that I didn’t do it. Go on and make up all those stories. Only those who have known me for aeons can judge me – Who are you to judge me? Only my parent tell me what wrong has I done, only my uncles/aunties have the power to share their experiences with me, and only my grandparent know what type of person I am. But it so pity that I know you since birth and you finally break heart into pieces. I love you for who you are. I care for you because you are my sister/brother. It really hurts to lose someone that you love so dearly. It nearly kills my soul! You turned away from me – Like I’m a ghost or invisible or (the worst) a BERLIN WALL! Why? Why? Why?!

You may not understand the feeling that I have now… Or you may not be able to understand how hard for me to stay strong though my heart is broken into pieces. I never have the “REGRETS” to know or even to have you in my life, but I totally feel blessed because life is so fair to teach me that there’s no straight road of life, it always full with thorns and deflections. It’s so easy for me to say that I don’t care about you, but do you think it’s so easy to be such ignorance?

You have finally taught me that life is full of CRUELTY, HYPOCRISY, and LIES! And I’m with this stupidness of mine still waiting for you to TALK to me or at least just say ‘Hello’… Just like the old times. I’ve been trying hard to hold the tears… Holding back all the tears, acting like I’m strong enough… I still love you… I still care for you even though it really hurts deep inside of me.

I’m praying that you’ll be success in your studies, my dear… I know that you’ve been striving hard to get the best. Sorry if I do hurt you indirectly or impromptu… I won’t bother you anymore…

Friday, 21 November 2008

Big Smile Girl from Joe Primus Kayau

What a wonderful sight to see you smile,
Your smile means, a thousand words!
I would go, a thousand miles, just to see your smile again.
Big Smile Girl,
Show me that smile,
Just a simple move, of your lips,
Makes me feel, that i will be just fine.
Don’t ever lose that smile,
You lift people up with that smile!
A lucky man, thats who i am,
To have seen, that wondrous smile.
-Joe Primus Kayau-
p.s. my dear online FB friend, thanks for this nice poem… kalau ko buat lagu, make sure you taruh tu catchy sikit tu melody dia (entah kanapa lah bah sia ni suka butul lagu yang rentak catchy ni). Kuang kuang kuang.. jiwang tu mimang ada lah… Hahahahahaha~ tapi, I’d view this as a friendly poem… at least, I won’t have to lose my smile even if there’s a huge and gigantic problem ahead of me. Thank, Joe!

The Feeling of Merdeka

YEAH! I’ve just finished answering my Managerial Economics about 2 hours ago. Can remember what I answered… Yang sia ingat the councilor yang propose to BAN DEMAND ON SCRAP METAL mimang BUDUH lah sebab how can you BAN things yang urang mimang DEMAND? I thought sia saturang sajalah kunun bikin jawapan sot sot gitu, rupanya si Hafiz pun buat jawapan gitu (at least, I’m not Alone…). For example, prostitution business (banyak-banyak topic, inilah sia kasi bangkit ooo kan? Mimang utak start mo ada Magnesium + H2O sudah ni)… Kalau di sini, mimang HARAM lah tapi di sesetengah countries, itu jadi pendapatan bagi that country bah. Inda payah sia bagi contoh, you know sudah tu… Kuang Kuang Kuang… Anyway, lingkuplah business scrap metal di Sabah kalau export scrap metal kena kasi ban… Solution sia kunun: Kasi benar saja export scrap metal tapi kasi tinggi-tinggi tu export duty supaya Government dapat banyak-banyak duit dan kasi nampak tu market for scrap metal really-really hodoh sebab inda profitable. Tapi mimang tu operators marah-marah lah… Inilah jawapan men hantam guna logic… Jan marah sia sebab jawab gitu ahh… Spontaneous saja kunun.

So, balik sama tu scrap metal… Kesimpulan sia dapat bagi, selagi DEMAND naik, PRICE akan naik… So, people who live in developing countries usually take this as OPPORTUNITY to make MONEY. Psychologically, urang akan sanggup buat apa saja bila sampai jalan buntu sebab inda dapat berfikiran lebih jauh… I mean ‘tendency’. Kalau check tu perbahasan di Parliament pula, well… They also come up with banyak-banyak soalan yang sampai yang duduk di tangah-tangah tu terpaksa pukul mija sebab dari satu isu turus sampai yang bising-bising… Kuang kuang kuang… Well, that’s what happened sama Sarawak punya kes lah (kunun). Inda mo kasi panjang-panjang juga tu jawapan sebab takut nanti tu Profesor nampak ni apa yang sia tulis, tergugat nanti markah sia. Pingsan sia…

Jawapan lain untuk soalan lain? Wahahahaha… Supply and Demand for paddy if income per capita of consumers naik… Kasi logik sikit (well… I only based on benda yang sia guna dari time Diploma… Ketara inda baca buku)… Kalau income naik, demand for rice pun naik (at least high-grade punya rice lah… mana mo baras hancur lagi…), purchasing power consumer naik, supply of rice pun naik (turus muncul laitu beras yang macam-macam jenis)… Paling sot sia rasa tu answer sia (regret pun ada ni sebab tulis… Habislah Dr Caroline katawa ni…), bila urang start demand for beras bagus-bagus, standard of living pun bertambah bagus, urang pun sihat-sihat, productivity increases sebab urang pun sihat, less absenteeism (provided that organization really practice tu Organizationahl behavior management and effective HRM).

Yang lain? I put MAS vs Air Asia… Why MAS inda juga bankrupt-bankrupt walaupun Air Asia offers harga murah untuk penerbangan… Sia guna experience sia… Sebab customers sanggup bayar lebih supaya dapat value yang diorang mau… Contohnya, inda payah berlari-lari di bawah hujan atau panas matahari and then terpaksa barabut satu tampat duduk dekat tingkap. Plus, inda semua tampat yang Air Asia can bring bah… Air Asia skarang inda ada Fuel Charge… Well, another issue laitu… I can’t remember the rest… Yang pastinya, sia ada kasi kait Celcom, Maxis, Umobile, and Digi… Then… Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai… Then… Nikon and Canon (ketara lah bah semua-semua ni mo kasi masuk).

Macam sia jawab soalan Marketing padahal the questions pasal Pricing Decisions, Price Wars, Government Regulations, etc. which has something to do with Economics and how should a manager make decision based on the economics situations.

p.s. Paling panjang laini post sia ni tahun sebab sebelum ini mimang inda panjang-panjang semua.. Dari awal tahun saja sudah bergelut sama buku. Tapi sekarang sia sudah MERDEKA!

Happy Birthday, Mark!

To my dear friend – Mr Markie Kadus,
Mark, you better read this post or you might lose to watch this nice song which I’ve culik*ed* for you. Today is your birthday a.k.a Tua Day… 28 sudah ko tu… Kuang Kuang Kuang… May God bless you and your family… And then… May your wish may come true.. Then… May your dream may pop out into reality (dei dege… Banyak butul then then then sia)… 21/11/08… Jan lupa pigi bili poh-di… 2111… atau 1108… lawa tu numbul… Kuang Kuang Kuang… Kidding… Have fun on your birthday… Jaga-jagalah ko kana krim di opis (kalau ada yang jajal kasi kana ko…)….

Monday, 17 November 2008

History of Birthday Song

The very popular ‘Happy Birthday to You’ song has become an indispensable part of birthday celebrations across the world. Today, the song is over a hundred years old. The story of the song has a sweet beginning though later it was bogged by controversy. It is still not certain who wrote the lyrics of the song ‘Happy Birthday to You’.
History of the Happy Birthday Song
Happy Birthday song is considered to be a joint work of two American sisters, Mildred J. Hill who was schoolteachers in Louisville Kentucky Experimental Kindergarten and Dr Patty Smith Hill who was a Principal in the same school. The song that was originally composed by two sisters was entitled ‘Good Morning to All’ but bore the recognizable melody. The tune of the song was first published in 1893 in the book, ‘Song Stories for the Kindergarten’. It credited Patty Hill for the lyrics and Mildred Hill for the music. Over the years the song became extremely popular in schools across US. The melody of this song is passed into the public domain and it is therefore safe to hum in public without permission.
Controversy over the Lyrics
It is said that some forty years later, Patty Hill came up with the words, ‘Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear name, Happy Birthday to You’. She also fit those words into the melody of ‘Good Morning to All’ song. The entire song was published in 1935.
There is one more version to this story. Some says 31 years after, ‘Good Morning to All’ song was published, Dr Patty Hill became the head of the Department of Kindergarten Education at Columbia University’s Teacher College. At that time a gentleman, Robert H. Coleman published that song, without the sisters’ permission. Besides, Coleman added a second verse, the now popular ‘Happy Birthday to You’.
Popularity of the Birthday Song
The addition of Birthday verse popularized the song and over the years ‘Good Morning to All’ verse composed by Hill sisters disappeared. The Birthday Song gained popularity in late 1930s when it was sung in ‘As Thousands Cheer’ – a Broadway Production. Today, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes ‘Happy Birthday to You’ as one of the three most popular songs in English language. The other two being ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.’ The Birthday Song is popular all over the world and has been translated into dozens of languages. English version of the song is more popular and is sung even where English is not a primary language.
Legal Battle over the Copyright
After Mildred died in 1916, Dr Patty along with her third sister Jessica took Coleman to court over the copyright issue of the song. It was proved in the court that Mildred and Patty own the melody. Thus the family became the legal owner of the song and was thus entitled to royalties from it whenever it is sung for commercial purpose. Ownership of the song swapped hands in a multi-million dollar deal. The current copyright of the song is owned by Warner Communications. They purchased the copyright in 1989 for more than $28 million dollars. The copyright of the song has been extended several times and is now not due to expiring until at least 2030.
It therefore follows that one cannot use the “Happy Birthday to You” lyrics for profit without paying royalties. In other words unauthorized public performances of the song are technically illegal. It means that every time you hear the song sung on TV or radio it means the royalties are being paid to the Warner Communications.
To prevent themselves from the prevention of copyright infringement and having to pay royalties several restaurants and TV channels have corporate-developed songs that are used instead of “Happy Birthday to You”.
Popular rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ Song
  • ‘Happy Birthday’ was the first song to be performed in outer space. It was sung by the Apollo IX astronauts on March 8, 1969.
  • Famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe’s rendition to U.S. President John F. Kennedy in May 1962 is considered to be the most famous performances of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ song.
Lyrics of the Songs
‘Good Morning to All’ lyrics
Good morning to you,
Good morning to you,
Good morning, dear children,
Good morning to all.
‘Happy Birthday to You’ lyrics
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear (name)
Happy Birthday to you.
This traditional version of the song generally known is actually the chorus to the original. The first verse goes like this…
So today is your birthday
That’s what I’ve been told
What a wonderful birthday
Now you’re one more year old
On your cake there’ll be candles
All lighted, it’s true
While the whole world is singing
Happy Birthday to you ….
(Happy Birthday chorus)
Some add another phrase to the end, sung to the same tune:
How old are you now,
How old are you now,
How old are you (name),
How old are you now.
And another version:
From old friends and true,
From good friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.
Many alternate versions exist, most commonly sung as a joke, for example:
Happy Birthday to you,
You live/belong in a /Zoo>oo,
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one, too.
Other versions of the above:
Happy Birthday to you,
I went to the zoo,
I saw a big monkey,
And I thought it was you.
Happy Birthday to you
You live/belong in a zoo,
You look like a goat
And you chew like one, too
p.s. Don’t ask me where the “heaven” did I get this one… Someone just sent it into my mailbox…

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Touch My Hand

David Archuleta – Touch My Hand
Saw you from a distance
Saw you from the stage
Something about the look in your eyes
Something about your beautiful face
In a sea of people
There is only you
I never knew what the song was about
But suddenly now I do
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Reach out as far as you can
Only me, only you, and the band
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Can’t let the music stop
Can’t let this feeling end
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never see you again
Can’t let the music stop
Until I touch your hand
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never get the chance again
I’ll never get the chance again
I’ll never get the chance again
I see the sparkle of a million flashlights
A wonderwall of stars
But the one that’s shining out so bright is the one right where you are
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Reach out as far as you can
Only me, only you, and the band
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Can’t let the music stop
Can’t let this feeling end
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never see you again
Can’t let the music stop
Until I touch your hand
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never get the chance again
I’ll never get the chance again
Saw you from the distance
Saw you from the stage
Something about the look in your eyes
Something about your beautiful face
Can’t let the music stop
Can’t let this feeling end
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never see you again
Can’t let the music stop
Until I touch your hand
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never get the chance again
I’ll never get the chance again
Can’t let the music stop
Can’t let this feeling end
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never see you again
Can’t let the music stop
Until I touch your hands
Cause if I do it’ll all be over, I’ll never get the chance again
I’ll never get the chance again
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Reach out as far as you can
Only me, only you, and the band
Trying to reach out to you, touch my hand
Yeah, yeah, yeah
p.s. There will be no updates except on my current music tracks… Hahahahaha~ I’m still busy with my final exam… Yeah, after that I’m going to have my VACATION! Muahahahahaha~ Aha! I still need to finish up all the reports and then… I’m off to have my date with Mr Nokin D300! Yeah! Anyway, if you’ve missed something – Mr Nokin has nothing to do with anyone… I’m dating with my DSLR and well… I have no time for a real real real real ‘person’ at the moment… Hohohohohho~ Opppsss! I forgot… CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


  1. Person you hugged?: N******
  2. Person you talked to?: My bro
  3. Person you fought with?: My bro
  4. Person you kissed?: N******
  5. Person you danced with?: nobody
  6. Person you talked on the phone with?: Mum
  7. Person you went hung out with?: Mum, last friday…
  8. Person you Instant Messaged?: N******
  9. Person that Instant Messaged you?: N******
  10. Time that you took a shower?: This morning
  11. Time that you went outside?: This morning
  12. Time that you went out of your city?: Last Saturday…
  13. Time that you spent the night with someone: zilch
  14. Movie you watched?: Phat (Pretty, Hot and Thick) Girls
  15. Song you downloaded: Leona Lewis’ Twilight
  16. Item you bought?: 9 clothes, 2 pairs of heels, a set of skincare products
  17. Person you wrote a note to?: N******
  18. Good thing you smelled?: Lavender
  19. Thing you ate?: Hawaiian Tuna Pizza
  20. Thing you drank?: Soy Bean
  21. Word you said?: Sot
  22. Time you ate Ice Cream?: Last Saturday with Sasha & Kittle
  23. Place you went?: UMS lor…
  24. Person you touched?: Touch??? Hmmm… My bro… We fought for nothing and then laughed like a bunch of crazy ppl!
  25. Medicine you took?: For hemoglobin…
  26. Person you talked about?: Loraine, Noemi, Oziel, etc…
  27. Time you cleaned something?: Forgot oledi…
  28. Time you cooked?: Yesterday!
  29. Time you lit a candle?: 6 months ago… I guess… During blackout…
  30. Time you tried on something but didn’t buy?: Last Friday
  31. Time you took a picture?: Last Saturday
  32. Time you hit someone?: Can’t recall…
  33. Time you went to school?: Last night…
  34. Time you went to sleep?: Last night lah bah…
  35. Time you watched TV?: Just now… Animax
  36. Time you went to Taco Bell?: Don’t have Taco Bell here in KK lor…
  37. McDonalds?: Last Saturday… bought McFlurry saja bah…
  38. Burger King?: 3 months ago… Am now a vegetarian… So can’t swallow non-vege sudah…
  39. Wendy’s?: Nope
  40. Dairy Queen?: Nope
  41. Time you went to an actual resturant?: 2 months ago I guess…
  42. Time you were sick?: 2 months ago…
  43. Time it snowed?: Not SNOW here lah!
  44. Time it rained?: Yesterday

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Disaster But Not Disasterous

What happened yesterday? I’m doomed!!!!!! I was totally ‘blank-ko-ed’… I blurted everything… Whatever popped-out of my mind, yang penting I didn’t leave my papers blank… Biarlah Prof read my cakar ayam… Everything pasal Customer Value Hierarchy, Power Brand, Marketing Communications, etc. And the funniest and devilish things I ever done was to list out every single brand for photography… Sepa suruh soalan minta examples of POWER BRAND… Sia list down lah Sony, Nikon, Canon… And the most craziest thing – Baby Phat! (Ya… Been watching Kimora Lee Simmons lately). Nasib I didn’t write down Kim Kardashian’s exposed porno video.

And… I still have another paper this Friday… Entrepreneurship! Gosh! How I wish I won’t have to answer questions which begin like “Describe the STEPS… bla bla bla…”. I’m so stupid at memorizing the ‘STEPS’… All I know is how to answer questions in my ways.. I mean, in a more logical way… Non-abstract… Hahahahah~

Judy, got this person bah bilang tu soalan macam soalan budak-budak Diploma…. Mo perah otak sampai kering bah… Kasian juga lah sebab not all these people yang ada masa to HAFAL everything… Plus, how I wish we don’t have to WRITE… Alang-alang TYPE bah the answers then print di dapan… Sinang tu lecturer mo check tu answer… HAHAHAHAH~ Maybe in the next 10 years kali baru kena buat ooo… Lucky lah those peeps ni…

Monday, 10 November 2008

Gosh! It’s Papers War!

Sorry for the ‘tiada-nothing-zilch’ updates… I have about 2 weeks to deal with this so-called PAPERS WAR… Hahahahaha~ Got paper this evening – Marketing Management… Well, 2 papers war this week – Marketing Management, and Entrepreneurship on Friday.

I think I have to postpone the ‘engagement’ with Mr Nokin D300 (until I have all these wars settled down)… HAHAHAHAHAHAH~ If I really am getting engage kan, I won’t simply announce it here… Usually it’s going to be via SMS (well, that’s the most convenient way to do so… Plus, I don’t have to deal with ‘broken-hearted strangers’)… Hey, cool, guys… I’m just kidding.. :P

So… December is coming soon… How I wish it’s going to be another abra-cadabra for me this year… I just wish that everything will be fine… :)