Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Disaster But Not Disasterous

What happened yesterday? I’m doomed!!!!!! I was totally ‘blank-ko-ed’… I blurted everything… Whatever popped-out of my mind, yang penting I didn’t leave my papers blank… Biarlah Prof read my cakar ayam… Everything pasal Customer Value Hierarchy, Power Brand, Marketing Communications, etc. And the funniest and devilish things I ever done was to list out every single brand for photography… Sepa suruh soalan minta examples of POWER BRAND… Sia list down lah Sony, Nikon, Canon… And the most craziest thing – Baby Phat! (Ya… Been watching Kimora Lee Simmons lately). Nasib I didn’t write down Kim Kardashian’s exposed porno video.

And… I still have another paper this Friday… Entrepreneurship! Gosh! How I wish I won’t have to answer questions which begin like “Describe the STEPS… bla bla bla…”. I’m so stupid at memorizing the ‘STEPS’… All I know is how to answer questions in my ways.. I mean, in a more logical way… Non-abstract… Hahahahah~

Judy, got this person bah bilang tu soalan macam soalan budak-budak Diploma…. Mo perah otak sampai kering bah… Kasian juga lah sebab not all these people yang ada masa to HAFAL everything… Plus, how I wish we don’t have to WRITE… Alang-alang TYPE bah the answers then print di dapan… Sinang tu lecturer mo check tu answer… HAHAHAHAH~ Maybe in the next 10 years kali baru kena buat ooo… Lucky lah those peeps ni…