Monday, 10 November 2008

Gosh! It’s Papers War!

Sorry for the ‘tiada-nothing-zilch’ updates… I have about 2 weeks to deal with this so-called PAPERS WAR… Hahahahaha~ Got paper this evening – Marketing Management… Well, 2 papers war this week – Marketing Management, and Entrepreneurship on Friday.

I think I have to postpone the ‘engagement’ with Mr Nokin D300 (until I have all these wars settled down)… HAHAHAHAHAHAH~ If I really am getting engage kan, I won’t simply announce it here… Usually it’s going to be via SMS (well, that’s the most convenient way to do so… Plus, I don’t have to deal with ‘broken-hearted strangers’)… Hey, cool, guys… I’m just kidding.. :P

So… December is coming soon… How I wish it’s going to be another abra-cadabra for me this year… I just wish that everything will be fine… :)