Thursday, 12 February 2009

Photo of The Day: Sasha


This is a photo of Natasha Jalius Benggon (some of you might know her as she’s quite famous on the Internet… Umm.. I mean, Youtube sebab I uploaded the video bah dia menari with her other kajens). With the height of 5’7″ at the age of 15, I guess she’s cukup tinggi sudah. She’s one of my fave picks untuk dijadikan bahan untuk make-up… Coincidently, she loves make-up… I’m the one who’s going to spoil her with all those makeups – Inilah kakak diorang yang paling teruk di dunia! Hahahahah~ Anyway, love this snap so much sebab I even did the makeup… Asked her to do the posing (which I really mau lah kunun)… Ambil gambar… The rest tu, dia yang buat… I mean her expression – Perfect! I’ve promised sama dia tu yang if she passed her PMR with flying colours and inda ada yang dia gagal, I’ll buy her makeup kit turus… Sia mau bagi dia itu SASA sebab dia juga bilang balik-balik itu nama SASA macam nama dia. Hahahhahah~ I’ll pray for her success, anyway… (^_^)V More photos bukan on Sasha saja
p.s. sorry for no updates… Been busy with KENTE and then sekarang mau kasi siap kerja for Corporate Strategy, design t-cet for big boss punya request, main coding-coding sikijap, and mo buat quizzes for church’s youth this Sabbath. They have been good these past few weeks sebab I’ve promised sama diorang yang they will always have visitation IF they behave, attend AY choir’s practices every Saturday’s evening… And (rules yang semua tu AY setuju)… They MUSTtake the BIBLE QUIZZES if they really wanted to join the trip melawat to other SDA churches – I guess that’s enough to answer this question “Apa ada sana perjumpaan AY?”. I don’t appeal to thing like “I WANT TO JOIN THE TRIP BUT I DON’T WANT TO JOIN THE ACTIVITIES”. Life must have at least 1 aim/goal so kita dapat enjoy what we’re doing dan rewarded with SATISFACTION – Aku apply dari theory kunun (minta maaf Abraham Maslow.. Hahahahahaha!). Anway, I won’t reveal our next destination sebab biarlah menjadi satu rahsia because I know there’s someone out there among the youths yang mo tau apa sia tulis sebab nanti dia bulih kasi bucur sama geng-geng yang lain. Ya, kadapatan ko di sana… Hahahahaha~