Friday, 16 January 2009

Novie’s Co-Ko-Lat Kek

Last time I wrote about my heavenly-and-sacred day at The Yogi Tree, right? Heheheh~ My cuzzie Novie is working there as a pastry chef. I still miss those Volcano Chocs, Orange Pie, Yoghurt, etc… Everything’s so YUMMY and I ended up spending nearly RM100… Nah! As long as I can have healthy food! Less sugar lagi tu! So, this time kan… She’s so damn jahat! How could she post all the photos! I mean CHOCOLATE CAKES! Kurang asam! I’m going to book HER now sebab HER CAKES ALWAYS MAKE ME MOUTH-WATERING-and-LIQUID-FLOWING (little little kiddies, don’t copy my English… Your English teacher sure gonna rutan you.)

p.s. Novie, ko sia book!!!! For my birthday, engagement, wedding, pregnancy party, children’s birthday, etc. Kalau ko inda balik, jagalah ko… Sia inda mengaku ko lagi kajen sia! Muahahah~ (Kids, don’t tiru this at home…)