Friday, 23 January 2009

Mind Your Own Life Lah…

I may sound like too big for one’s britches but that is your own problem because you judge me without even knowing me properly and consider yourself have been in my shoes after knowing or chatting with me just for a few months? Hello, I’m a two-fisted person who would blast anytime in real-time(eh? bukan PS3 term kaitu?). Hahaha~ At least, I don’t go for two-faces who opt for face-saving and then backstabbing others – You said I’m the one who backstabbed you? Hello… Who blurted out everything at the first place? I know there are some people out there who are talking behind me. Thanks, at least I’m in every corner of your mind 24/7, 12 months a year, 365 days a year. I LOVE YOU for mentioning my name to other people because you make my life even GLAMOROUS. Don’t blame them for their inability to keep their mouth shut, anyway. Moreover, I’m so sorry for neglecting or ignoring you that you feel like I’m the most  *blur turus indatau apa mo tulis* as I don’t have time to entertain those who can’t even keep their body from minding others’ life. Keep on mentioning my name and this time make sure you tell more saucy gossips about me kio so bila sampai di telinga sia, I can  burst into laugh! (^_^)V Well, I can  persistently and patiently remain silent now but once I pressed the STARTbutton, then you will surely be a victim of my devil’s advocates? It sure going to be really really fun to play with! I’ll play until it’s CHECKMATE and GAME OVER!

Kakakakkakak~ If you’re asking who… Sepa yang terasa pedas, dialah tu… Kanapa? Ko terasa padas kah? Wahahahahahha~ Kidding! Kada kotogod kio… Kurudot moti muka… Inda bagus untuk kesihatan… Kikikikikikiki~ Anyway, thanks for reading this post… You must be very curious ni kan sebab itu tajuk pun sudah cukup untuk buat ko turus ingat sia ni direly in bad mood kan? Muahahaha~ Relaxlah bah, kawang… Have a nice day, anyway… I should start to compose a warning letter kali ni… Muahahhah~ Sot sot sot… *Sia ulang sekali lagi supaya inda ada urang tanya lagi, JANGAN PERCAYA 100% DENGAN APA YANG SIA TULIS DI SINI SEBAB INDA SEMUANYA BUTUL…* Muahahaha~ Bah Bah… Ali Bah Bah!

*another confession kaini? Kijap… Mau cari lu tu tanduk kambing emmmmbek… Muahahahahah!*

Maka dengan itu, saya dengan bangganya mengumumkan bahawa theory saya selama ini diterima pakai oleh saya sendiri…”YOU CAN NEVER ZIPPED THE MOUTH OF OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER HAVE THE ABILITY TO CONTROL THEIR MIND

p.s. I know some my friends are well aware of this words… This is how I assume people as… Well… Only some of them…