Monday, 2 March 2009

They are out there!

Received this email from an aunt who loves to send emails which I can say she’s going to be the next spammer. Muahahahah~ Kidding! Apa inda, satu hari kalau inda sia check email sia, bulih sampai 10 emails… Wow! Lemme see… If I don’t check my mailbox for maybe about 10 days… 100 emails! Muahahahah!

I would like to share a traumatic experience which my relative went through yesterday. She was waiting for her friend near St. Francis Secondary school , Kota Kinabalu around noontime. Suddenly a car (kancil) stop next to her. One guy came out from the back seat started to force her into the car while the driver wait inside car. The guy managed to force her into the car and speeded off. Inside the car, she experience hell. The guy try to rape her. Fortunately, she was able to kick the guy in the chest which gave her room to escape. She jump out from the moving vehicle. Thank God she suffer only bruised in the head and some part of the body. She hide herself in the nearby jungle as the guy was still looking for her. This is really terrifying. After those guy left, she called her friend which later inform her brother. They went to lodge a report at the nearby police station. She now suffer physically and mentally from such traumatic encounter. Please tell your love especially women to be very careful. This attempt is very much similar to what happen to the unfortunate UMS student.
Well… All I can say is… Don’t trust people out there… Apa kena mengena ah? Anyway, last Friday kan my cousin kena kejar kereta kancil merah with 4 guys inside, diorang kasi pasang highlight supaya inda nampak plate number diorang… Jalan kampung lagi tu… Nasiblah diorang ada about 4 people in the van (3 perempuan, 1 lalaki)! Guys, my cousin’s driving a VAN at full speed!!! And… The one more thing is… I was driving home nearly 11pm tu that night from group discussion – Patutlah I heard something yang bising-bising bila diorang sampai rumah… Our home inda jauh juga bah, can cubuk-cubuk from my bilik juga. Gila mampus lah this cousin driving laju-laju… Muahahahah! Bulih tahan wor… Van bakal jadi the next F1 di kampung. Nanti sia mo balajar dari dia ni. Be careful, girls… You know these guys are out there hunting for ‘holes’… I would say, better learn martial arts or how to hold a weapon! I mean… BAKAKUK or SNIPPER or maybe RAMBO KNIFE…