Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Myopic March

I don’t know but I figure out that my March has been myopic lately… I’m refering to ‘unadventurous’ life, in other words, monotonous, soporific, and featureless… I’m getting bored of being a student lately and doing some jobs lately… I have to learn to be a multitasker and ensure that my organizer is FULL with things that need to be done. I’ve done the logos for a local film production and also for a new local artiste. The only thing is there’s no news or updates from the local artiste (I’m in the midst of confusion) but the logo is saved *safely* inside my Mac HD. So, I proceed with my next tasks and assignments which are on queue right now.
My life has been frenetic lately that I almost feel like I’m losing my own usual beats. How I wish to see my own beatific smile again… The smile of satisfaction… The feeling of satisfaction after having a munch of KFC drumstick. Opppsss! I don’t eat manuk anymore pula for nearly 6 months sudah – an Ovo-Vegetarianism, for sure, and this is my 2nd time being a Vegan. Last time sia Lacto-Vegetarianism! Anyway, I’m not on diet but it’s a matter of fact that I’m allergic of meat products. Itu allergist (doctor pasal allergic) yang dia sendiri bilang she’s a skin doctor also kasi advice yang I should slowly refrain myself from consuming red and white meat due to the reason yang sia punya badan capat panas and cepat ada rashes whenever sia makan meat! So, I didn’t eat and semua-semua yang berdarah… It was a HELL! I gotta learn not to touch or even munch those tempting aroma – KFC, McD, BK, Lemon Chicken, Curry Sapi, Ayam Masak Kicap, etc. Pek! I’m now speaking, writing, talking, telling, informing, etc. about me being a Ovo-Vegetarianism since some of you yang bilang sia kurus sebab I’m on diet. Terima kasih atas pujian yang I have a curvaceous body but the fact is that I realized yang punggung sia saja yang lebar tapi I’m making myself like a rudai (chameleon). How I wish I can lief munch down all those meats. Nga kuroyon poh di, for the sake of my own health kaka. Macam urang tua pula sia rasa kalau bilang ini itu inda bulih makan. Mimang sungguh kasian kalau korang bawa sia pigi makan sebab tempat yang sia bulih makan pun di tempat yang ada sada’ om tontolu noh… Manuk mimang totally out! Anyway, I’m getting used with this thing and was pity sama Uncle Julius & Auntie Josephine last time when they had to follow masuk kadai vegetarian in Bukit Bintang last time sampai Uncle bilang, “Macam lemas badan sia tidak dapat makan daging.” Kasian juga kan sebab I should consider juga urang lain kan (sia dapat faham juga apa macam rasa lemas tu bila tiada daging), so we went to eat at a nearby Thai’s foodstall. Nasiblah ada ikan dia~ Padulilah padas… Macam inda biasa makan padas when I was in UiTM Samarahan dulu… Punyalah gila nasi lemak dia padas gila sampai geng siorang yang inda biasa padas mula-mula turus inda jadi pigi kelas sebab nasi lemak terlampau padas! Gosh! Nasib baik juga itu toilet inda ada full sebab mostly yang sibuk dan sesak kan from 5:30am – 7:30am itu tandas. Siap babaris lagi siorang mo tunggu giliran masuk mau mandi! Nah! Melalut sudah sia pigi ingat cerita dulu-dulu….
OK… Balik kepada cerita sia pasal bulan March… Ini bulan saja ramai sia jumpa kawan-kawan yang selama ini sia sengaja mo bertapuk dari Internet and, of course, some kawan lama also. Baru tadi I had a dinner at Fish & Co. with my former coursemate since college lagi. Banyak cerita dia sampai mo tutup tu Fish & Co. We were rekindling the old days and then cerita-cerita kawan-kawan sekarang and how do they look like… Kalau korang tanya perempuan atau lelaki sia jumpa? It’s a guy! A good guy who understands me very well… Itu belum lagi yang geng satu kepala sia yang perempuan… I was thinking of hanging out with her tapi dia bilang she’s very busy with the audit thingy. Ini laini gaji kalau semua kawan-kawan yang kerja di Audit firm. Always have on and off peaks sampai ada yang cakap I have so much times to relax lagi tu… Girls, I need to hangout with you all… How come only guys saja yang sia keluar wor… I can’t even go shopping like the last time we did when we were in Kuching. Dari pagi keluar sampai malam baru balik naik taxi! Shopping from Sarawak Plaza sampai Main Bazaar lagi tu. Lepas tu at the end of the every semester, itu luggage semua overloaded! Emmm… Inda payah korang mention sepa yang selalu overloaded sebab dalam tu 1 beg kicil panuh buku saja! Nah! Butul-butul melalut sudah sia ni pigi cerita lama!
Anyway, I think I need to snatch my own 40 winks lah ni as I still need to wake up as early as 5:30am and get my breakfast at McD before meeting some people and, of course, I wish I have the chance to snap some photos early in the morning. Just to have some morning view on the busy life in KK early in the morning. I’m expecting some traffic jams ini but I’m hoping yang banyak parking di Segama ni. Mau ambil parcels di Pos Laju lagi ni. Lepas itu, balik rumah and buat revision and baca journals lagi… Sebelah malamnya sia ada mau pigi kelas… After that, kalau sempat… Mau jumpa kawan di KDCA… If you’re asking me whether or not I’m going to Ranau for Juara Lagu Dusun (JLD) tomorrow, my answer would be NO as I have to attend church in the morning and then have a meeting with some youths who are going for the Bible Camp (as I’ve just got the programme)… Later on, sia kena jumpa orang lain (kalau dia jadi) and then… balik rumah lagi buat kerja design and kasi siap assignment sia. Sunday morning pula I’m going out with a friend to play with our gadgets!
PUNYALAH PANJANG SIA MENAIP BENDA-BENDA YANG DERISORY! *inda pa… sia kasi taruh gambar-gambar supaya korang inda keboringan – Sia tau ada yang berdarah idung sudah tu…*
SUMANDAK BILANG: Girls… Nanti we organize another meeting kio… Of course, mau tunggu si Mellon inda busy juga sebab she’s the only one yang butul-butul busy outstation… Kita kasi jalan our outing ini kali, tu si Nanie sana Kunak tu kita import bawa turun KK… Hahahahah~